My NHS Healthcare Manifesto

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Good afternoon, I am consistent_eagle and I am here to discuss a matter of importance regarding the NHS. As most of you already know, the NHS is struggling with money. I believe we could add some changes to improve and avoid these problems later in the future.

The NHS provides free healthcare to anyone living in the UK but it is facing many challenges along the way. More of us are facing problems over the years which means the NHS is having to spend more money on healthcare every year. To solve this problem I have decided to raise some money to help and start to improve the NHS.

Constant IT problems are another reason why the NHS is suffering. The slow computers and bad upgrading is causing patients to wait a long time for treatment. If a doctor or nurse is trying to file a report/document or trys to find important imformation for a patient, because of the slow computers it would take longer and more patients will have to wait. To solve this problem we have decided to fix the computers and upgrade them to stop the amount of patslow network. ients having to wait for treatment or care.

More and more treatments need to be provided everyday for people, this is caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices. In 2016, 39% of adults aged 18 and over were obese. If we want to solve this problem if we should try and educate some people to try and go on diets and to make better lifestyle choices. Although this will be hard to get used to, we need to think about making better choices.

One of the main problems that the NHS has is that there is not enough staff to help patients. If more of us face problems or illnessesthen that means the NHS would have to find more doctors and nurses. If we want to help the NHS then to solve this problem I have decided to train more unqualified doctors and nurses to come and work at the NHS.

Everyone deserves healthcare no matter where they come from. If we continue raising awareness then we could possibly keep the NHS open for the future.

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