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Hello and welcome the members of the public!

I am giving this speech today to inform you on why you should vote for the conservatives in the upcoming general election.

At the moment, the NHS has quite a few problems that they need to fix. these include, there are about 100,000 empty job spaces in England's NHS' , many adults are obese and this will put more pressure on all their hospitals and it cost nearly 8x as much to treat someone who is 90 than someone who is 30.

And we want to help the NHS to pay for their supplies and resources to hep out other people.

To help out with this, we would build 40 new hospitals over the next ten years, we would get 6,000 new GP's in England between 2024 and 2025. we would also get more funding for the NHS and, with more money to pay for rising pension costs. we will also try to get more nurses, surgeons and doctors to work in the new hospitals.

I believe that these wishes will become statements in the coming years for we have the money and the time to do them all. We also have a few short term goals which include, making the waiting rooms more welcoming for children, making the waiting times much shorter and trying to reach the customers satisfactions in the hospitals. Some of our long term goals include, we want the NHS to be a bit more modern, and for them to modernise how they do their work. we would also be pleased to see parts of the NHS privatising so that people can get private appointments, meaning more money will come into the NHS through cost of the private appointments, and, the queue time will go down as well.

In conclusion, you should vote for the conservative party because we are reliable and we try are hardest to make the community happy and achieve our goals in whatever way we can.

thank you for reading,


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