My manifesto,

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My Manifesto,

The main problems in the NHS are:

- 28 percent of adults are obese

- People are living longer

- Waiting times are to long

- 100,000 jobs are empty across the NHS

this is because people are not looking after the NHS and its staff.

Getting more staff,

Getting more staff is important as people have to wait longer and doctors rush their work which could mean patients lives.

Awareness of obesity,

It is important to know about obesity because if you educate people they will understand the risk and listen to you.

Modernise the technology,

You need to modernise technology because it is taking too long to find patients health and if all digital you could log on and find out there information.

Try to cut down waiting times,

Shorter waiting times mean people are in pain for less time.I will cut the waiting times down buy 30 minutes.

Improve mental health awareness,

This is important because people should not be unhappy during their life.

My long term goal is to fill in empty jobs in the next 5 years, make the waiting times 30 minutes quicker and make it easier for doctors to find patients information.

My short term goal is to make people aware of mental health and obesity in the next two years.

You should all vote for me because I will carry out what I have said and if I do not then you can kick me out off parliament.

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