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Good afternoon, my name is radical_koala and I am a member of the of the Benificial National Community - BNC - party. I am here to discuss the NHS funding and taxes.

Firstly, we would start by raising the VAT tax by 1%. This will benefit the NHS because by provining more money to help fund more young pupils education to become a doctor, nurse, receptionist, porter, administrator and many other important roles. Having more staff will help reduce the wating times to an hour maximum.

Furthermore, the population is aging. This is a major factor. Medical advancements have lead to people living longer. This progress has now become a problem. People are living but with a number of chronic conditions. These are more "care then cure" meaning the NHS just need to provide support. This problem is easly solved when there is a reasonable amount of staff.

If we are voted in, we would insure that the NHS's parking cost is cheap or free. But, this will need some thinking because this is one of the many ways that the NHS makes a profit. In return, anyone between the age of 15 and 70 would need to pay for prescriptions instead of anyone between the age of 20 and 60. This way the NHS will still make a profit.

Finally, in the future, the BNC party will hope to open more walk-in clinics to release the stress on the doctors in hospitals.

We promise to work harder than ever and to complete all of these tasks by 2030, if not we will be acountable but we guarantee that will not happen. I'm not sure you know how much we care about your healthcare.

by radical_koala (thank you for reading)

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