My Manifesto,


Hello, this skillful_turtle here and I just wanted to share my manifesto for my party, the Beneficial National Community.

Together, we need to stop the ever-growing wind from knocking us over and defeating us, which would cause many financial problems. But to do this we need to stick together; we need to work together. So, if you want to live in a healthier planet which everyone is happier to live in, then vote for us. To make our planet like this we will:

1. Fund the NHS more money, we would prefer this to be a short-term goal, but this would take some time. We are giving the NHS more money as they may be able to build some new hospitals which would shorten waiting times which is another of our aims. They would also be able to gather more GPs and more qualified doctors this means that waiting times would be cut down even more. They would also be able to afford life changing medicines and pills.

2. We would raise is more awareness for the planet and things like climate change and global warming. We might even take further action and give money to scientists who might be able to investigate further into what is happening to our planet. If they do this it would automatically enable us to have a cleaner planet that we are all happier in.

3. Another problem we are going to fix is people are going to the NHS and hospitals for unnecessary reasons like: My fingers been bleeding for ages. This just wastes NHS time, especially when covid-19 is constantly infecting people and in some cases they die.

4. To help the NHS we are going to help them fix their IT systems this would massively help as then the doctors and nurses don’t have to go through the billions of paper documents to find just 1. This would also slow down waiting times so if all was stored n the web then this would also cut down on waiting time even more.

5. Finally, to help with this, we would build 40 new hospitals over the next ten years, we would get 6,000 new GP's in England between 2024 and 2025. We would also get more funding for the NHS and, with more money to pay for rising pension costs. We will also try to get more nurses, surgeons and doctors to work in the new hospitals.

Thank you for listening!

Bty skillful_turtle

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