My manifesto

We promise to …

Increase the NHS funding by 5% . This is important as to secure some modest improvements in the NHS it would need approximately 5% more funding each year .

Secondly, as it costs nearly 8% as much to treat someone who is 90 then someone who is 30 which proves you should vote for us as we will provide the NHS with the money the need .

Also the NHS handles over 11 million + calls each month so to answer all these calls then they will need more staff and telephones.

Finally, the cost of health care is going up and we do not want the NHS to struggle but we want to support them .

Some of the key challenges currently facing the NHS are:

An ageing population.

A growing population.

Evolving healthcare needs, such as the increase in cases of obesity and diabetes, or antibiotic resistance.

Medical advancements save lots of lives every year, but push up costs considerably.

One of our short term goals is to help the patient waiting time , the maximum waiting time for non-urgent treatments is 18 week and it would be an improvement to shorten that to 16 weeks .

Finally one of the NHS' long term goals ; The plan sets out a number of actions to improve detection and care for people with respiratory disease, prevent diabetes and improve stroke services. The aim is to prevent up to 150,000 cases of heart attack, stroke and dementia over the next 10 years. We want to help the NHS any goal of theirs is a goal of ours .

By patient_mouse

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    26 Mar 2020

    Well done for thinking about the difference between long and short-term goals. How will the short term goals help the longer term ones?

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