My Manifestio for the Beneficial National Community (BNC) - Speech.

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Good Afternoon all. My name is memorable_orchard, and as you may have perceived, I am the leader of the Beneficial National Community, which could also be called 'BNC'. I am here today to share my manifesto, which would be in the form of a speech. I hope you take my words to thought and consider voting for me during and after my manifesto.

The NHS is currently suffering serious problems such as 26% of the population would be 65 or over, multiplying the amount of money the NHS would have to spend on elderly people. Consisting of those elderly people, there are the obese. With 28% of adults being obese, the sicknesses and conditions would double for an elderly obese person than it would for a healthy elderly person. However, elderly people are becoming a burden for the NHS as the longer people live, the more money the NHS has to spend on them, but the cost of medicine and technology is going up too, which is very stressing for them especially as the UK left 1.5 million people to treat approximately a quantity up to 40 times their size. Which is why, for the first time, the NHS failed to achieve their waiting-time-target, the cause possibly could be the fact that 100,000 job spaces are not filled for the NHS, which would make the decency of the NHS deteriorate. Even though the NHS earns 20% of what the government receives yearly, they still do need 5% more a year to secure some modest improvements, which is still relatively small. With the minute (pronounced: mine-you-t) amount the NHS is receiving, the NHS 111 take in 1,000,000 calls in a month. Due to so many problems going on at once, the staff have to work for long periods every day, which resulted in over 1,000 staff quitting due to the lengthy hours of pressure.

If you were to vote for me, I promise to make these 5 beneficial changes. The first change I would make would be the number of beds the NHS has, as within the last 6 years the number of beds the NHS have has decreased by 15,000. Yearly, I will ship 1,000 new beds that are eco-friendly, so less money is spent on the environment, leaving more money for the NHS and to ensure that every patient to temporarily resides in the NHS is greeted with a warm and comfortable bed ( The second change I would make would be the quantity of money the NHS is earning from the government. I would alter the percentage amount from 20% to 40% so the NHS can have the money to pay more staff because as the years go on, more people are likely to join the NHS. This automatically means the NHS would need to earn more money. For example, recruiting 500,000 helpers would be in vain if the NHS did not have enough money to pay them. Therefore, the percentage should be increased and if you were to choose me to be your future leader, I pledge I will do that and change the quality of the NHS for good. The third change I would make would be to improve the NHS's systems and IT as it would increase the number of surgeries that are being held and diagnosis would be quicker and easier so the cure or medication to ease it would be earlier. For example, cancer has been around for a while and there still has not been a solid cure that would make sure everyone survives. However, if you were to vote for me I will make sure that cures and medications are found carefully and briskly for sicknesses like cancer and many more illnesses. However, with new IT 10 million surgeries may not have to be performed yearly the new technology I will provide for you will find quicker and more effective ways so less equipment is used and the stress put upon the NHS would diminish greatly and with the new systems, the 28% of obese adults are likely to lessen as tactics and techniques would be more effective. The fourth change I would make would be the number of people that work in the NHS. Due to the recent outbreak of covid-19, a significant amount of doctors and nurses are dying, which leave more vulnerable patients to fight for themselves. I will ensure that there is a significant amount of staff and that they and the patients will be fully educated about how to keep safe during covid-19 while they are in medical school so they are pre-prepared to keep themselves and others safe. The fifth and last change I would make would be to make the NHS more environmentally friendly when there is a chance. Most hospitals still use paper and that can cause a great deal of deforestation, which is bad for the environment, making the percentage of money spent on the environment larger, which would mean that there is less money for the NHS and less vital things the NHS can get. In general, promoting healthy choices does not specifically mean for someone's health but it can mean to make good choices for the NHS as if you are healthy, you are healthy, you are good. Therefore, if we promote healthy choices for the NHS, we are making the NHS healthy, the NHS is good, which would mean that the NHS's quality will improve to a satisfactory standard. In other words, Promoting healthy choices is good for you. Therefore, promoting healthy choices is good for the NHS as if ou promote healthy choices you're doing what is good for you, so if we promote healthy choices for the NHS, we are doing what is good for the NHS. If you were to vote for me, I solemnly promise that I will make all of these promises come true.

My first promise is important because equality is what everyone should have and it is is a vital human right, therefore, people have to have it, meaning everyone who is being hospitalised needs a bed during their stay in the NHS. When an already sick patient does not have a bed, they could develop health conditions like pneumonia on top of their illness, which makes the NHS seem more like a health-deteriorating service instead of a health-reviving service. Due to the sturdy underneath, the patient is most likely to find it uncomfortable to fall asleep or get a sufficient amount of sleep, which would result in sleep deprivation which would affect your immune system, making you more likely to get affected from a virus, which can be fatal due to the recent outbreak of covid-19. Therefore, my promise is vital as it is life-saving, lucrative (beneficial) and liberal (generous). My second promise is important because 160,000 nurses have quit the NHS since 2011 mostly due to money pressure as too much money is being spent on the growing population and the government is not giving them enough money. Ongoing stress can cause mental health problems such as anxiety and depression and even heart attacks. Therefore, nurses and doctors lives are on the line as many nurses died due to the lack of protective gear which may be due to financial troubles. However, if you were to vote for me, I vow that these problems will come to a permanent end. My third promise is important because it would be friendly for the environment as fossil fuels from paper-making are more likely to give people illnesses like lung cancer or pneumonia. In addition to my point made, it would save the NHS money if they were using fewer systems as the electricity bill would diminish. Paper is very vulnerable to get ruined or lost. For example, if a patient needed life-saving treatment and their medical history was all in papers not only will it take a long time and hey might not be able to save the patient but water or a beverage could have been spilt on it, which would make that documents useless due to its illegibleness. Also, a paper would not be able to provide use for a dyslexic and a blind person whereas a piece of technology could because it can filter its colour for the dyslexic person and could be audio for the blind person, which is beneficial for both uses. Moreover, my third promise is important as it puts patients' lives on the line. My fourth promise is important because if there isn't enough staff, too little people are doing too many things, which is what makes hospitals overwhelmed as the tension is too much. Due to the large quantity of stress, the NHS is at risk of having to privatise parts of the NHS as they don't have the money and people to hire for the NHS, which leaves the private companies as their only hope. Having to privatise takes the N out of the NHS which is unfair and equality is a vital human right, meaning everyone should have the right to use the NHS. My fifth and last promise is important because being eco-friendly is important as when the amazon forest is chopped and turned into paper, it is very hard for bees to find pollen and nectar in plants due to deforestation and that means bees won't be able to make key things in our diet such as tomatoes which would make one of my promises go in vain due to missing foods in our diet which will discourage the healthy people to be healthy and encourage the unhealthy people to be unhealthy. Therefore, it is important that people get the chance to live their lives the way they want and not be discouraged because the food they want is not present.

My short-term goals would be to put a warning sign -quite like smoking packets- on all unhealthy foods, so hopefully, fewer people are going to have health problems and will not need treatment as they will be discouraged by the pre-warning on the packet. Another short-term goal I would like to do is to close all pubs and bars before 7 pm, so the risk of drunk-driving is halved and less accident happen which would relieve the stress which is put on the NHS when road accidents happen. An ambition I would like to achieve briskly would be to establish more smoking areas so fewer asthma attacks are caused. My long-term goals would be to give every NHS staff a chance to get their voice heard in a monthly discussion where they can be precise about what they need as they are experienced, which will then go forward to a general election and the most popular choices will be what I and my party will try our very best to make come true. another long-term goal I would like to achieve would be to build shelters for homeless people so fewer sicknesses are likely to come to them and that fewer people are I hospital so beds are free for other patients with more serious illnesses. My final long-term goal I would like the accomplish would be that healthy meals and recipes would be delivered to unhealthy lifestyles people and families, so waiting lists are shorter due to their healthier lifestyle and they are more physically and mentally active.

If you were to elect me to be your leader, my vows would not only beneficial for the NHS but the outside world also. My promises would be effective and permanent and I am very sure these will work and change society for good. I am aiming to do this between 2020-2024. If for some reason, I am unsuccessful to keep my promises I will take responsibility in what I did wrong and will try my hardest to fix my mistakings. I would be more than grateful if you were to dedicate your vote to me as the NHS has been here for 72 years and I will make it last for longer! Thank you for listening for my manifesto, and with me, the NHS's future will be in good hands.


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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    30 Mar 2020

    A very in-depth manifesto, memorable_orchard, thank you for sharing it. If you had to boil down the detail to a campaign slogan / set of phrases, what would you choose? Maybe you could take inspiration from the government's current campaign involving the words 'Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives' - obviously the content of yours would be different, but this style seems very effective.

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    1. Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg memorable_orchard | Michael Faraday School
      Tom @ the BNC's comment 01 Apr 2020

      My Slogan would be 'Vote for me, Beneficial for you.' I would choose this Slogan because it is true. If they voted for me, it would be worthwhile for them as if I were their leader, I would have many beneficial changes. In conclusion, this is why I chose this Slogan.

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  • Hammond School logo loved_wildcat | Hammond Junior School F
    31 Mar 2020

    This is very good!!!

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  • Hammond School logo genuine_cat | Hammond Junior School A
    02 Apr 2020

    Overall, Memorable_Orchard, I do partially agree with your Health Manifesto but am questioning the kind of theme this manifesto puts through. It almost seems that you want to spend as little on the environment as possible to have money left for the NHS. Like when you say "Yearly, I will ship 1,000 new beds that are Eco-friendly, so less money is spent on the environment, leaving more money for the NHS..." Looking at this with not too much detail, it seems fine, look with more detail and certainly I see, there is more to this. Shouldn't we be spend as much as needed on the environment, rather than spending as little as possible. Another example of this theme is when you say 'Most hospitals still use paper and that can cause a great deal of deforestation, which is bad for the environment, making the percentage of money spent on the environment larger.' This also puts across that theme of 'spending as little on the environment as possible.' Something I do have to disagree on with this manifesto is when you talked about increasing the amount of beds by 1 thousand each year. With this in place, it would take one hundred and fifty years to reach the number's former 2010 glory...and I would would think this would be slower than normal, because you said these would be Eco-beds. To conclude, I partially agree with your manifesto, your passion to make change, but disagree with the way you put your sentences about the environment.

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