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Good evening, my name is practical_message and I want the BNC to be elected. We are going to help the NHS because they have lots of problems like IT systems and not enough staff. The NHS means a lot to us, and we care that people die there. If one of your freinds or family have died, we will be able to reduce the number of people dying.

Firstly there's money, if the NHS had more money, then they could spend it on whatever they like so this is a good start. To get money, part of the NHS will cost a little bit of money for a certain amount of time and only one part of the NHS will cost money at a time, we'll start with checkups.

Sencondly, we are going to teach people who have suffered from smoking or alcohol not to suffer from them because every year, ruffly 78,000 people in the UK have died from smoking and we can put a stop to that so people smoke less and drink alcohol less. There's also obesity too that needs to be stopped.

For the future, the NHS needs 100,000 more staff and that is a lot so we are going to make that number less and less until it is 0. This will probably be done in a couple of decades. To do this we will train lots of people to be doctors and reccomend them to join the NHS and if they do then they get about 10-15% off of their training.

Also for the NHS's future, we need more hospitals because that means there might be a hospital closer to you than before so you can get there quicker than before that's important especially for emergencies. Also, there will be shorter queues in hospitals because not everybody will go to the same hospital and it's better for finding a place to park your car because again there will be less people there and then everything will happen more quickly and loads of patients can be treated very quickly.

We are also going to take 10% of the money off space exploration and give that 10% of money to the NHS beause we think health is more important than space. The NHS needs that 10% of money to use it for IT systems so the NHS gets quicker 111 and 999 calls especially 999 calls. They will also know about what medicine is perfect for people and to make sure not to give them a medicine to make them worse and everything will be done online.

I will be an accountable politician and keep all the promises I have made here. If we get elected, then all these problems will be solved as soon as possible. Our target to get all of these done is 2043. If you have any problems about the NHS that you want solved, just ask us and that might be done.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    02 Apr 2020

    Well done! I really like how you have linked back to Issue 2 from this year, about space exploration.

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