My BNC health care manifesto

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My manifesto:

1. Upgrade all IT in hospitals/ hospices;

2. Build more hospitals/ hospices;

3. Provide nutritious and whole some diets to patients;

4. Educate more doctors and nurses;

5. Hasten patient's recovery;

6. Increase NHS staff's salary.

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen. My name is appreciative_hurricane and I am here to represent the Beneficial National Community (BNC) in the upcoming election. We strongly believe that we should lead this country and I will explain and evaluate on why to vote for us. The BNC will help the country in many ways if we get elected. One of our objectives is to modernise on all of the NHS's equipment in order to cut waitng queues and make it much more simpler for the patients to make appointments.

One of the main problems I would want to resolve straight away is that of the shortage of hospitals in Britain. And we would like to help with that. We will not only build more hospitals, we will make all the current one yet more bigger and better, so that we would have more room formore and more patients. No UK hospital met their wating time target in 2019, so we would want this addressed and resolved. Here at the BNC we would also like to increase the amount of hospital beds by 75%. Lastly, I would also want to invest 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 pounds in order to educate students and influence their passion and desire to be a doctor.

Also, another problem I would like to highlight, is that not enough people are promoting their healthy choice. I'm quite sure that most of the doctors would recommend highly nutritious diets and meals to cure you at least once. It will reduce the chance of getting an illness which will mean less strain on the NHS and it's also good for the economy- If people are healthier they can work harder and therefore would make more money for themselves. And finally, it will make people much more happier.

We aim to, by 2030, hire 4 million more staff for the NHS and all the hospitals in Britain. If I do not succeed in this, then I promise to change my ways and work as hard as I can to gain this achievement. I f we manage this, it will help with the huge amount of treatment given every day and that of the amount that the doctors, nurses and all the other people have to do daily.

The Beneficial National Community will also see to it that all patient's recovery will be simple and that they don't have wait in agony for a long time whilst waiting to be checked-up. Also, every patient should be comfortable and their curers' should be aware of their needs. By the end of 2020, we will ensure that all our fellow citizensare getting all the health care they need in order to help to improve our health society.

Finally, we will increase on all of hospitals' staff's salary and pension by 20%. That way, after you retire after kindly working in your job, this will be our way of saying thank you for all the service you have given to our country during these very hard times. We are truly thankful for all that you have done to help us. We'll even increase your salary if you used to work for any hospital in Britain but don't anymore.

At the BNC, we all will pledge to keep our word about all that has been said, and, most importantly, all that will be done. Thank you for listening and please vote for us as your new lead government:"

The BNC- Supporting you forever...

Vote BNC!

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    02 Apr 2020

    An ambitious plan! Will you have enough money to fund this? How would you manage to increase the budget?

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    1. Hammond School logo appreciative_hurricane | Hammond Junior School D
      Olivia @ the BNC's comment 03 Apr 2020

      I will plan to ask citizens for a voluntary contribution of £10 per month and I will implement this plan in sections to gain the confidence of the people and to prove the value of the work that I'll do.

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  • Hammond School logo versatile_molecule | Hammond Junior School B
    02 Apr 2020

    I agree with your first point to build more hospitals because the population is growing very quickly and the NHS needs to treat those people however it can cost up to 1.5 million to build an average sized hospital is the UK and with your spending plans it might be stretching it too far. I agree with how you will make already existing hospitals in the UK bigger and better, including IT systems because currently the NHS has 150,000 beds less than what it had in 2010 and the population has grown since 2010 so making hospitals bigger would be good. Modernising the IT is vital because currently although it is changing a lot of patient records are still on paper and NHS staff have to log in to up to 13 different systems to do their job. I think updating IT in the NHS is especially key now because many NHS staff are working from home. My mum has to log into so many systems to get one task done and so do so many other NHS workers, this should change so yes you should make already existing hospitals bigger and better but bear in mind that this will cost a lot of money to do while the benefits are great. Your right, no hospital in the UK met their waiting time in 2019 so making already existing hospitals bigger and better including IT systems and building more hospitals will reduce those waiting times but remember is will cost a lot of money. I agree with increasing the amount of beds in the NHS by 75% but in the long run you will need more, you will need over 40,000 more to reach the amount that was in 2010 and as I said the population has grown since then so you will need more than 300,000 beds, this is achievable but with your next spending plan it will probably not be; while investing money in trying to get people involved in the NHS might reduce the amount of unfilled jobs in the NHS: currently 100,000, spending 1 quintillion pounds on it is stretching way, way too far, you could get a fair amount of money by increasing the taxes of high paid people, you will get no where near that number, that is more than 1 trillion pounds for perspective, more than the ISS cost, if you do this you will not be be able to think about doing any of the other things for the NHS you plan to do, you also need to spend on social care, roads: the government is spending 27 billion pounds on building roads, you will not be able to think about doing something like that if you spend 1 quintillion pounds, doing that will do more harm than good. I agree with you promoting healthy choices because it will reduce the amount of strain on the NHS but on the other hand it could do just a touch of bad because if the NHS promotes healthy choices then less people might buy unhealthy food and drinks and then the companies like Innocent who sell healthy and unhealthy food might raise the price of their healthy food to make for their losses when it comes to unhealthy food which means poorer people might not be able to get the food they need. Adding 4 million staff will fill up all the jobs in the NHS and will fill most of the hospitals you plan on building but remember just 1.5 million people work in the NHS currently, you will be more than doubling the amount of staff in the NHS, in 10 years which might not be achievable and bear in mind that you will have to pay all of these staff with the 20% pension and salary increase which is stretching it to far especially when you want to spend 1 quintillion pounds on getting people interested in working for the NHS. I

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  • Hammond School logo versatile_molecule | Hammond Junior School B
    02 Apr 2020

    Sorry, I accidentally pressed enter, continuing, I think that making sure that patients recovery will be simple is vital but that will also need more beds.

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  • Hammond School logo stellar_acorn | Hammond Junior School D
    20 Apr 2020

    Wow that was great. I’m not that good at this stuff though

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