Ask questions of our new Hub volunteers!

Welcome back! We hope you all had a fantastic half-term and are looking forward to getting stuck into the BNC once again.

By now you'll be used to seeing Tom, Olivia, and sometimes Tiff responding to your comments on the Hub.

This term, we're going to be joined by some some friendly volunteers from Clifford Chance, a leading law firm where people are using their skills of reasoning, scepticism, open-mindedness and speaking up very often indeed. They are experts at the BNC skills and can't wait to help you improve on yours!

They are really interested in what you have to say on our new Issue on Health Care. They will be doing just the same as we do - asking you questions to help you think deeper and explain yourselves better.

So if you notice a Clifford Chance volunteer has responded to you, do write back!

Their comments will be in a purple box and look like this fictional example:


Our volunteers will also be answering your questions about how they use the BNC skills - reasoning, scepticism, open-mindedness and speaking up - in their jobs.

So just like asking questions of our NHS experts, we also need your questions for our volunteer experts!

You might want to ask about the kinds of things they need the skills for, or which are most important for them, or anything else you want to know.

Add your questions in the comments below!

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