My artwork is about how MP'S don't always keep their word. My key ideas link together because my key idea is "Hold to account" and my concept is about how MP'S lie. These two both link together because MP'S should be held to account.

I have shown this is my artwork by drawing a blue cloud beacuse clouds are high and very powerful and blue -in my opinion- is a colour of peace. They say "they will make university free" but then when they do get in power, they turn red beacsue red is a evil colour and they don't make university free and do something else.

One of the things I've learnt about politics is how they don't always keep their word and another thing I want other people to know is, be carefull who you vote for! Some MP'S don't keep their word some do. Make sure you trust the MP you have voted for.

I want my audience to feel enthusiastic when they look at my work.

My title for this piece is called "Liar" because this cloud lied about how he was going to make university free.

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