Is it a good or bad thing to modernise the NHS?

To modernise the NHS would take a large amount of money although, it would benefit it greatly.


It would take a lot of money

It could be potentially hazardous for people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (allergic to high levels of electricity) as they could go into shock and that would put a strain on the hospital as not that many people know what it is and how to deal with it

If a hospital were to have a major power cut they could loose precious documents and this is a terrible thing. For example, if someone had a deathly peanut allergy (and due to a power cut those documents were lost) and a nurse gave them something that had peanuts in it, that could be fatal for that patient.


It would be a lot easier to track records and documents

You don't lose documents as easily

It won't effect the majority of people that go to the hospital

So what do you think. Is it a good or bad thing to modernise the NHS?

Let-me know in the comments!

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  • Hammond School logo giving_elephant | Hammond Junior School A
    20 Mar 2020

    It would benefit because if they didn't have a lot of money they wouldn't have the health care they needed and they couldn't have a operation. If they didn't have health care it could get worse and than it can get infected.

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