Is covid-19 a blessing in disguise

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Think about it is covid- 19 a good or a bad thing? we know many many innocent lives have been taken away because of this tragic virus but look at it from a different perspective. It has probably saved thousands of lives as well.

A verse from Just one plague by mike bagmiloye

There was nation threatening nations for war

There was war in Syria

There was revolt in Iran

There was crisis in Turkey

There was protest and political unrest.

See now all of that did not happen or carry on because of that one plague covid-19.It did save many people because if all thoes things proceded or carried on many people would have died especially from war. So it saved many as it took many away but now we are mters away nobody says come over and most of us are all hygienic in every possible way just because of one plague.Thoes are only some of the good things...our beautiful animals get to roam free like us humans because we are in quarantee. For exampale in chicago a pair of penguins got to wander about their aquarium and some unexpected animals ended up in italy's canals. In a way it is kind of strange but I cannot imagine being cooped up in a house and not knowing my environment.

So there is still plenty of hope maybe in some places in the world that have not even been recorded with a high amount of cases.Or maybe this is a begining of the solution to climate change they have cut of certain places you cannot travel with buses and barely any one will want to drive out because we are told to stay inside for the sake of our fellow humans meaning less polution.Just one plague has made people desert the street.Just one plague has stopped millions gallons of gases being released into the air.Barely any litter because there is no one to put it there.

Just one plague and the government is humble.Just one plague and the countries are united as we keep our distance.Us humans are now in quaranteen money cannot get us anything if there is nothing to buy in the shops. We are learning how to survive without unhealthy or unessary things. It won't be somones prority to go out and buy fast food anymore because you can't buy them whenever feel like. People are also out of boredness might unlock a talent they didn't know they have meaning if they post it online we get more content so you won't be as bored since you are watching something!

Just one plague and we try to keep a smile on our face , just one plague and the world stood still. just one plague and the powers are confused,Just on plague and everyone is scampering to saftey. Just one plague and the economy is shut down.See how we are all united see how there is nothing popping up on Knife crime because there is no prey. see how together we need to look at it from a different perspective eventhough the things we see on the internet can feel like it is overtaking our brains.When yoy think about it this virus has solved or partly solved some of the worlds biggest problems. After this I do think lots of people would have been taught a lesson I know I have .Will you? There is always a light at the end of the tunnel!

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