If Donald Trump gets the NHS will he take care of it?

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In my opinion NO. The reason is because Donald Trump is negotiating with Boris Johnson to buy the NHS for a lot of money they are continuously talking to get a fair deal and this can affect the NHS in many ways, the NHS can be under Donald Trumps rules as he would be the owner of the NHS and he will most likely tell the staff and everyone who works their to go for the same rules as they have in the USA and this will take a lot of time to learn as the hospitals in the USA are different to the UK.

However there are benefits to this as there will be a lot training going on for the doctors of the UK and this may benefit them as they will learn new skills and they will have a lot of skill as a doctor.

Now lets get to the main question and that is If Donald Trump gets the NHS will he take care of it? and that is very tough because the president says many things and they do not work out most of the time as he says many things like '' I will make America Great again'' but a lot of things happen after he says that. As a president you need to have empathy as you will have to make sure that you can do the very best for your nation. I know that as a leader a lot of things run in your head such as, How do I make this better or some other things, and as a president you are running a whole nation that is basically obeying your rules and this does not always happen and this is where the hospital or NHS comes in.

In my last paragraph I just talked about what rides on your shoulder as a president and where the NHS comes in which I will go in to more depth with.

The NHS comes in for one PARTICULAR reason and that is to save someones life. As a leader you may have people that hate you and do not follow your rules which could lead to riots or things like that and they may get hurt and it is up to the NHS to save their lives and obviously that is what the NHS want as it is their job to save their peoples lives. A few weeks ago my sister swallowed a coin and once we were called up we heard that we were waiting for a long time because of a boy who unfortunetly died at the age of 8 from a rare disease that doctors hardly find in their cases.

As a doctor there is many things that goes on and that is saving someones life not only this you need to look after the patient as well and the doctors have to make sure that it happens and Donald Trump will have to take care of that if he owns the NHS.

The NHS is an amzing company and an amazing group of people hopefully it does not fall into the wrong hands. This is what I think if Donald Trump getting his hands on the NHS.

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