How will the coronavirus impact the NHS?

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Covid-19 has dominated the news lately with rising panic . It is unnecessary as there is nothing to panic about, as the highest medical team are overseeing and trying to manage the situation for the publics best interest - how is this coronavirus going to have an impact on the NHS?

My thoughts are that the financial impact is going to be high! Where is this money coming from? is this the money that the government have promised in the election to the NHS to build more hospitals and provide more staff ? If this is the money the government promised that we are using, then will we have enough money in the future to help sick patients and enough doctors to provide them with the care they need.

However on a positive point this may make people think that they might like to go into the health care profession and be involved in situations like this. Which will help with future employment which will attract more doctors and nurses and young people into education for health care.

Another positive is that the misuse of the NHS might decrease as this is because people when ill may start to self-treat at home with the help of the chemist rather than going to A & E as there first stop.

Can you think of any impacts on the NHS that the coronavirus may have and if so what are they?

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