How we can improve the NHS:

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How we can improve the NHS:

There are many ways in which the NHS could improve: By paying higher wages. This may just sound like another way for the NHS to lose more money but it could actually help. By paying higher wages (because the wages are very low at the moment) means that it could attract more people so more jobs can be filled. At the moment the NHS have almost 100,000 jobs that haven't been filled so by doing this it would mean that people would have more reason to become a doctor at NHS. Roughly around 20,000 people would be employed meaning the NHS could cater for an extra 20,000 or so people at a time. However, by doing this the NHS would lose a lot more money, but over the years after the pay-rise, they could slowly decrease the income amount so it can get back to normal. This would get them to the same status but with more staff members than usual.

The NHS need more vacancies to be filled because they have many jobs that are not covered at the moment resulting in more pressure and stress for current employees. The more doctors and nurses employed, the more patients that can be treated at the same time. At the moment there is a small amount of doctors as well as large under funding from the government.

This may sound like a stupid idea at first but could improve the status of the NHS job-wise and decrease the stress as a result. This could improve the NHS's organisation as well as decreasing the waiting time for patients to see a doctor or nurse and resulting in the NHS having more time to plan and have more time with patients.

To improve the NHS I would create an app that registers and can identify whether people have a minor problem or whether they need to see a doctor. It could tell this by people having a device like a thermometer that they could put in their ear and would send the results to doctors. This would mean that there would be less queues and there wouldn't be as longer waits. This would also prevent people coming to the doctors for something minor and could also give people advice on what to do with their issue. This can also help to teach people about injuries as well as teaching doctors, nurses and even dentist about how to deal with problems and how to protect yourself from them.

Another way the NHS could improve is by creating smaller hospitals in lots of places so that people can access hospitals more easily and be able to access health care more easily. This would help because at the moment people are having to travel miles (especially if the live in the countryside) to get to a hospital. By doing this it will mean that the pre-existing hospitals will be less busy and that people can get health care more quickly. However this may cost quite a bit of money and in the NHS's struggle this would be hard to do and get the money for. But to get the money they could save up over years by using the spare money and time from the app reducing some of the issues that they would easily have enough money for this plan. It may be a pain to perform this plan but the result in a few years time would mean that they NHS would run a lot more smoothly and would be more organised. This would result in the NHS having more money and would be in a less struggle and stress.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    19 Mar 2020

    This post is packed full of reasoning. Well done! Do you think these improvements would be impacted by the coronavirus? For example, are any of them less or more important in light of a global pandemic?

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    1. Faringdon-logo-250x250.jpg accomplished_reality | Faringdon Community College
      Olivia @ the BNC's comment 19 Mar 2020

      They may be as for example one reduces the queues which would be useful now the corona virus has taken place and the NHS may decide to take it on board to reduce waiting time. However, in general these will only really be general improvment ideas that the NHS may take in to account.

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