How can we save the NHS?

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We save the NHS because we need to help other people.This means if we don't pay a lot the NHS, we wont save other people, Why? Because if we pay, the money goes straight to the amount of money for medicines and health care and things people need so they can be healed and good to go home,so that's why NHS is very expensive. So please don't get angry if it is to expensive that's a reason why we need to pay so much I am not trying to mean we don't care I just am saying that just remember this in case you don't understand.

There are two pictures as you can see, the first one is about helping each other so a nurse is helping a child that has problems. The second picture is about the NHS hospital there is a heart medicine two nurses and a syringe. These pictures are some of the things we have to pay for to be healed.That's why there is a NHS, to be saved and be healed, if there was NO NHS then were would we get out medicines injections and things we need to be healed? We could go to the store and buy those things but who would do it for you? Nobody, you would probably need to ask somebody how to do it or watch a clip or something. That's why the NHS exists and why we need, the NHS.

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