How can we save the NHS?

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The NHS needs help, they need more staff to support the patients and work. They are saving us so we should save them.

How can we save them?

For an introduction, the NHS helps people no matter their threat or culture in Britain. How can we save them? This is the main question, however, there will be other questions within it.

We can save them by asking the government make health in the UK more top priority than low so they can pay more towards them for more resources which will not only benefit them but us too because that equipment will help people get cured because of the resources they have and are using.

We can also join the NHS to make it full of hardworking staff that helps everyone and so everyone is healthy and safe because that will make the staff have equal shifts and it will be suitable for them too.

The NHS uses 21 electronics to record patients data, and they might need more to help because there might be to much information to manage on those devices and data is important because then they get more and more accurate on how to treat their patient, as an example, their patient might be 90 years old but they have not bought the right things for their age so as a matter of the result, the patient doesn't get cured.

How can we make a solution? Well we can try and help the NHS find devices to add to those 21. How I don't know.

I would appreciate it if you could answer some of the questions with your opinion or the main one!


Thanks BNC for the facts in the Fact Findings competition which I used!

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