How Can We Help The NHS

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The NHS has survived for 70 years and lets help it last again for that long! There are 4 simple and easy ways to help save the NHS!.....

Join A Group

The most active way to help the NHS is by joining a group. By joining a group you get to meet others who care about the NHS as much as you. There are dozens of diffrent nationwide initiative including 'Big up the NHS' and 'The people's NHS'


Do you have any spare time? Well then volunteer at your local NHS, it's a great way of giving back. You don't even need medical training to be helpfull!

Stay Healthy

We all need the NHS from time to time. Living healthy can reduce your chance of getting ill. The main ways of staying healthy consist of.....

  • A good diet, making sure it's balanced
  • good sleep, at least 7 hours if your a child
  • exersise, making sure to not overwork

The news

by paying attention to the news you know what's going on with the NHS. Make sure to educate yourself as much as possible. You might miss something important and by the time you hear about might be to late

Thank you for reading

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