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The ECO system is very important to planet earth, it helps us to be more freindly to animal habitats ( including our habitat ) . To be a part of the ECO system you will need to : use two or three bags when shopping ( DONT buy more) , use titanium straws and finally buy one titanium bottle ( NOT plastic). All the items will be reuseable , last a long time AND will help the ECO system.

Lets go through the two most dangrous threats, they are: pollution and plastic. Pollution comes from factories and makes the air toxic and kills land animals ( including humans). Plastic gets thrown into animal habitats and kills them due to them eating it or getting stuck in them, they can be found in sea and land.However they all are a BIG threat to the ECO system, planet earth and the recycle system.

The ECO system has many rivals but it has many freinds like planet earth and the recycle system. Recycle means reduce, reuse, recycle and planet earth is the thing that we need to look after. All work together to fight their rivals ( pollution and plastic) to make planet earth a safer place to live ( earth is the leader and recycle and the ECO system are the main followers).

Paper can help the ECO system and the recycle system but it is a threat to planet earth, paper can be in bottles and straws but does make a BIG threat to the ECO system, but it is helping a bit. In 2017, they started to make paper bottles and paper straws, but people still treat it like plastic ( throw it in animal habitats and not recycle). If you dont recycle, earth will be a unstable planet and could explode.

Earth is a amazing place, it looks after us but it needs humans to look after him NOT just earth. Earth is in an okay state meaning we can live longer on it, but it wont take long before it is critical state beacause we are NOT recyling and we are NOT helping the ECO system meaning earth will die in a long time. However most people are helping the planet by recycling and helping the ECO system. Earth likes the people that helps him to live longer and helps us to because earth is the only planet in the universe that as oxogen on which is made by plants.

Recycling is the second most imortant role to save the world, it helps us reuse, reduce and recycle and because it is so important, we use it everyday to help the world this IS a BIG step towards a greener planet. Recycling also helps the ECO system because recycling is basically a charity shop ( because we throw it in bins, they then get recycled and then someone else uses the bottle and goes on and on and on) and the ECO system helps recycling recycle so it is a fair. ( In this post I basicly treat the ECO system, earth and the recycle system like there humans).

Animals are suffering due to pollution and plastic, sea animals get stuck in plastic and covered in oil ( pollution) they can also eat the plastic which, is bad for their bodies and will be taken to a vet. Land animals eat the plastic and sometimes suffercate due to the air being toxic, animals also get stuck in plastic. The question is: when will humans tidy they're mess?

Animal habitats are infested by plastic and pollution because humans have gone on holiday and threw trash in animal habitats, meaning that the plants are being killed by plastic and pollution. When the plants are killed it makes us harder to breathe and wasts oxogen.

In a conclusion, we all need to help planet earth to live longer, Im not saying that never use plastic, im just saying if we all played a part or even a small part too, we will get the best out of earth. If you agree or dissagree, then be sure to comment down bellow, have a fantastic day! :)

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    25 Mar 2020

    Thank you for this post, adept_didgeridoo. It is not focussed on the future of health care but I have approved it as it opens up new questions about the natural world and the coronavirus. You might have read that air pollution has decreased a lot since countries went into lockdown and some areas of nature is seeing a brief period of respite from human activity. Do we think that when things return to normal, humans will view nature differently?

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