Enough employees working for the NHS?

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How many people actually work for the NHS?

You may have heard of 'The NHS crisis', well in this single post i will explain everything about it.Did you know that all around the UK a total of 1.5 million staff work for the NHS, and 4.5 people are taken to hospital at the NHS a year? This is certainly not enough. If someone comes in with a broken arm and has been waiting for over 4 hours and still hasnt been x-rayed, the doctors would put them last on the list, because people in that room may be in a life or death situation. Is this fair?

Where have all the beds gone?

More and more beds are bieng arranged in the Hospital each month, but these beds still arent enough, and the fact that the government don't fund more towards the health community is apaulling. Some people even have to sleep and have surgery on the floor! Imagine going to the doctors and hearing that you have to lie on the bare floor, how would you feel? The government are only spent 7.2 % of their money on them! Can you believe that?

Should our health care be free?

My opinion of if our NHS should be free or not is that it shouldn't be free because too many people are coming each day, and they have absolutely no chance of beating their target. However, they shouldn't make the price equal to America's price, whch if almost 30,000 dollars for one surgery or more, i believe that they should make it up to £30 e surgery

I hope you enjoyed reading about the struggles of the NHS! Save the NHS!


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  • Streatham-Wells-logo-250x250.jpg genial_volcano | Streatham Wells Primary School
    13 Mar 2020

    I agree with you but probably the government are giving less money to everything else.

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  • Bruntcliffe-logo-250x250.jpg enthusiastic_crab | Bruntcliffe Academy
    16 Mar 2020

    In my opinion i think that there is quite a little people working at the NHS and I think we should have some more people working so when we need healthcare there is more people to do healthcare to the paincents, also in my opinion i think that we should expand the NHS buildings and add more beds so then people who need instant help can get in and get the help needed, I also agree with you when you said there is an NHS crisis because of the corona virus going round when people are getting colds they are either self isolating or they are freaking out and then they go to the hospitals.

    I agree with you saying that there is hardly any people in the NHS and then they are giving the NHS more money and then not giving anything else.

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School candid_cliff | Lyons Hall Primary School B
    16 Mar 2020

    In my opinion, i think there is not enough staff members in the NHS because they have to make life threnting decisions about which patient should be treated first. The NHS treats over 1 millon people ever 36 hours!

    IN CONCLUSION i think that we need more staff members to work for the NHS.The imfomation i have given above [which i have used my scepticism to think before i speak out confidently to make the NHS a better place] is one of the reasons why we need more staff members or maybe we need better technology to help the injured people be happy
    your sincerely


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