Does everybody deserve free healthcare?

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Thinking question:Is the NHS care system a basic human right?And what im focusing on in this post... does everbody deaserve it?

In my opinion i think that the NHS is a basic human right, everbody deserves it!But what about some people...

You probably know that smoking,alchol,drugs and more can cause many diseases.Did you know that more people in the UK smoke more than USA.In the USA they have a health care plan- this means they need to pay if they get sick- monthly.Most of us in the UK get free treatments and healthcare more of us smoke than in the US.This means that if we get sick we get treated for free but in the US they pay.If we didnt have the NHS and we had to pay for treatments,would less people smoke because they dont want to pay lots of money incase they get sick?Should the people who smoke or use drugs or drink pay?Most of the time when people smoke or drink or try anything they can get addicted and cant stop-so is it their fault that they get sick or not?

Should criminals get healthcare for the NHS?I have set my opinion about this and because i think the NHS is a basic human right i think that they should.But if you did something bad would you need to pay for other people to take care of you?I believe this isnt the case, i dont think you should have to pay, criminals are already getting punished for what they did.I believe taking away their health care is like taking away their food and water!In jail/prison people say that there are many germs and bacteria in the cells-without healthcare people in jail would be dead!

Thank you for listening to my opnion please feel free the answer the questions i answered and share youre opinion!

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    02 Mar 2020

    Thanks for this post, resourceful_drawing. There is actually a discussion already started about this, so could you highlight and copy your text, and paste it as a comment here:

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School intrepid_hurricane | Lyons Hall Primary School B
    03 Mar 2020

    I think that no one should revive free healthcare because if some people wouldn't have to pay, then shouldn't others have it free too? I also thought about the downside to this. If someone doesn't have enough money to pay, then how would they even get the healthcare? Although, some people have private healthcare, in which they pay for treatment in advantage so that they can access it without having to wait like we do. We talked about this in class during a lesson too and we agreed that the NHS is more efficency and quick, so having a private doctor wouldn't be as benificial as using the NHS. If someone did revieve free healthcare though, then they would most likely be a child because the adult would have paid for their health. But, if someone has an ongoing illness, like asthma, when the adult paid for the pump or medication, they wouldn't have to give money for ever time they use it but that isn't free healthcare either. What I mean is if that was free, the NHS wouldn't get any money.

    To conclude, I think that no one should get free healthcare because of the reasons I stated above.

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  • Hillyfield School logo stupendous_market | Hillyfield Primary Academy
    05 Mar 2020

    Amazing post @resourceful_drawing. Very persuasive and informative article. I like what you said about health care being a basic human right. I especially liked your fact that more people smoke in the UK than the US. This surprised me because I actually thought it was the other way round! I also agree with you about criminals getting free health care because criminals are already beeing punished for what they did so they shouldn't have to pay for healthcare - they're doing their time.

    I think that no healthcare is the same as having no skin - the skin is the first layer of defence in preventing harmful bacteria and diseases. Health care is also like being in the wild without protection. If you're not protected or fit and healthy, you might get killed by a wild animal! People's health is very important as we need to be fit and healthy to survive. Organisations such as the NHS keep people alive and happy. We must keep the NHS running for free!

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
      stupendous_market's comment 05 Mar 2020

      That's a great way to describe health are!

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  • Hillyfield School logo curious_engine | Hillyfield Primary Academy
    05 Mar 2020

    Great article @resourceful_drawing! Loads of interesting and informative points. Like you, I think that health care is a human right and I think that everyone - poor, rich, young, old - deserves free health care. We need people to be fit and healthy and feel good about their lives. Organisations like the NHS help do this. From our Burnet News sessions, we have seen how much doctors have to deal with and how many different people they help so we MUST support free health care.

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  • Hammond School logo fantastic_world | Hammond Junior School F
    06 Mar 2020

    I think that children and people over 65 should have free health care. Children should have free health care because they are only little and they can break bones and pick up bugs really easily. Also it is not another thing that children’s parents have to pay for because adults have to pay for a lot of things like bills food clothes etc. Also I think that people over 65 should not have to pay for health care because they are old and their body is quite fragile. They can also pick up a lot of bugs and break their bones quite easily and may have to go for check ups quite often and it would be very expensive considering most people that age would have retired . People this age won’t be able to get their family to help because if they have children they will be buying stuff for them and paying for their own health care.

    I don’t think people aged 18 through to 60 because most people would have a job and they will have their family to support them and some people may have a husband/wife and they can help pay for it.

    Thank you for reading.

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