Do the NHS staff deserve more?

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The National Health Sevice has help so many people to keep living. They have made healthcare easy and free.

They take their time to learn about diseases and how to diagnose them, what medicines you should have: they are doctors. Doctors have to be brave and not cowardly to diagnose patience, they also give injections for your health.

They take every second of their life to take care of you when you are bedridden, they make you feel comfortable before and after operations: these fabulous people are nurses. They help the surgeon at operations. Nurses undergo intensive training to make you feel comfortable.

Many doctors and nurses are having to quit their job because they don’t earn enough. If people leave the NHS, it will have less staff therefore it might have to close down for good. This means there will be no more healthcare. The NHS also gives free medicine to children and the retired, with out it this wouldn’t be a thing.

So let’s try to help a bit by donating or protesting for the better of the life

saving crew.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    26 Feb 2020

    Thank you for making your voice heard on this, sensible_melon. Do you have any evidence to say many are quitting their job because they aren't earning enough? And what do others think about the solutions proposed at the end?

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    1. Upton-Cross-logo-250x250.jpg sensible_melon | Upton Cross Primary School
      Tom @ the BNC's comment 27 Feb 2020

      I got the information from the Evening Standard news papers and also my uncle is a doctor.

      The government can start by giving more money to the NHS staff. They can get the extra money from taxes or donations

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  • avatar.jpg EXPERT: Victoria Cherrington, Paralegal @ Clifford Chance
    26 Feb 2020

    This is interesting, thank you. Can you clarify what you mean when you say there will be no more healthcare if the NHS were to shut down? How will people in the UK be affected if the NHS were to stop working?

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    1. Upton-Cross-logo-250x250.jpg sensible_melon | Upton Cross Primary School
      Victoria Cherrington, Paralegal @ Clifford Chance's comment 27 Feb 2020

      When the NHS shuts down there might not be any free healthcare therefore the less fortunate and poor might not be able to pay the bill for the healthcare. In return the less fortunate and poor might get really ill. Also fatealities might become common with the poor and less forunate.

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  • Braiswick Primary School valuable_chemistry | Braiswick Primary School
    27 Feb 2020

    I believe that it is important that there is more staff in the NHS because if you have an health problem they can't get to you faster because they have more patients to tend to and haven't the government thought about what this does to the doctor's and nurse's well- being. For example, the doctor and nurses must be stressed out because of how they have to go from one patient to another.

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  • Streatham-Wells-logo-250x250.jpg genial_volcano | Streatham Wells Primary School
    27 Feb 2020

    It's true that doctors don't earn a lot of money for what they do but all the money is payed by taxes and the taxes are given to the government and the money isn't all spent on hospitals, it is also spent on schools, education and lot's more so the government can't just give it all to doctors to keep all to themselves but there should be more people working for the NHS

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    1. Bruntcliffe-logo-250x250.jpg enthusiastic_crab | Bruntcliffe Academy
      genial_volcano's comment 02 Mar 2020

      I disagree with this because they need more money because they save people's lives and when i was younger i relied on the doctors a lot because i was always dehydrated and then they got me back up on my feet again so i think the doctors need a lot more money because they have to save peoples life's and they have seen a lot of things that they could not unsee.

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      1. Streatham-Wells-logo-250x250.jpg genial_volcano | Streatham Wells Primary School
        enthusiastic_crab's comment 04 Mar 2020

        but also there are lots more important things ran by the government

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  • Ormiston-Six-Villages-logo-250x250.jpg careful_beaver | Ormiston Six Villages Academy
    03 Mar 2020

    This is definitely and two sided argument, I love how this post gets people talking and wrapping their heads around the problem. It is true as genial_volcano comments that there are other ways taxes need to be spent but for the people that do work for the NHS for example the nurses and doctors they deserve more than they are getting. These people now have to work long hours as many hospitals are understaffed, hopefully this will change in the near future :)

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  • Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg buzzing_atom | Birchwood C of E Primary School
    06 Mar 2020

    I think the NHS staff do deserve more because they work tirelessly day and night providing care and treatment to the sick or injured.They also help anybody who needs it and they do everything they can to protect the community.In the NHS 1.2 million people are employed to work and save peoples lives.I think they deserve more because the save people.The staff have to work 12 hours a week and I think they should deserve more things.They should be appreciated more and we should give celebrations at least once a month to show how much we appreciate their work.They should have a rota about when they can have a full day of relaxation but some can still work.The NHS deserve more appreciation by the community

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    1. Harriet-Website_1000x1000.jpg Harriet @ the BNC
      buzzing_atom's comment 06 Mar 2020

      Thanks for your interesting points @buzzing_atom. You say that the NHS deserves to be more appreciated. Can you give an example of how?

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  • Hammond School logo resilient_apple | Hammond Junior School B
    20 Mar 2020

    I strongly agree that they should have more because of these reasons:

    Firstly, the NHS staff have done everything they can to help us get back to normal and all we say is thank you. We should definitely give the NHS things they deserve because then it shows to them that we are actually very great full for what they've done for us and we give them what they deserve. Secondly, the government should also give the NHS what they deserve... MONEY. The NHS need money because then they can use that money to improve the hospital and help people across the globe become right as reign and also get through the corona virus. Thirdly, because of how many people that work at the NHS and how many roles those people do splendidly. For these people, it is like a war against diseases and sickness bugs and we don't realise that. If I had to give them something, I would give them a few chocolates and some flowers with a note saying thank you.

    So after these reasons, should we give them what they deserve? I strongly say yes

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