Do Government Invest Enough Money in the NHS?

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Do Government Invest Enough Money in the NHS?

As you may know, the NHS offer free health care. This results in the Government being forced to pay money from their governmental savings. However, is that enough?

The Governmental Savings.

The Government's savings are made up of a taxpayer's wages. All politicians have access to these funds. This results in some politicians using them for luxuries like holidays and other things. This means even less mobey is funded to the NHS.

The Equipment Costs.

Saving lives is a tricky job. It requires precision and good quality equipment. To get this quality equipment, it is VERY expensive! This reduces the amount of money that is put into other things. This reduces the performance laid by the NHS.

This means that they need a LOT of money!

However, there is not a large amount of money that is funded to the NHS.

This is NOT enough.

They are saving lives. It's tricky business.

They need this money that are not recieving!

So, that's our opinion.

There IS NOT enough money being funded to the NHS.

Thank you for reading!

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