The coronavirus: Your daily update

As you will have seen, there are plenty of news stories about Coronavirus at the moment. You might come across news that might not be fully true, and the BBC have created a guide to help us all stop fake and inaccurate news from spreading -here's how you can stop bad information from going viral, and a Newsround video explaining it too!

Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand from Operation Ouch have also answered children's questions about managing your time when not at school - watch questions 1-5 here, and questions 6-10 here!

It's easy to feel confused by the news, and perhaps worried by them. So each day, we will update this page with the latest news from reliable and student-friendly news sources:

Friday 3rd April:

This week, experts announced that the social-distancing measures are making a difference to the spread of the coronavirus. Records suggest that the number of people needing to go into hospital to be looked after isn't rising as fast as it has been. Read the full story here.

Last week, Downing Street confirmed that Boris Johnson has mild symptoms of the coronavirus. However, do not worry that government will grind to a halt - Mr Johnson will self-isolate in Downing Street, but will still be in charge of the government's handling of the virus. Prince Charles has now come out of self-isolation after testing positive for the virus last week.

He added that he will be "working from home" and using "the wizardry of modern technology" to communicate with his team.

What else happened last week?

Earlier this week, Boris Johnson addressed the nation, announcing bringing in new rules that mean people will only be able to leave their homes for a handful of special reasons. Police have already been seen asking people why they are outside, and asking them to return to their homes if their reason is not one of those specified by the government.

Read more about his announcement here.

You can see a general round up on all of the latest news here.

Advice if you're worried about the coronavirus:

BBC's Newsround have also produced an excellent video, and page, full of advice for if you're worried about the coronavirus. You can find out more here.

Children in Italy have shared their tips for life at home - watch it here!

We're not publishing posts which are just about the coronavirus because our Issue is about the NHS. However, if you'd like to write about the coronavirus and the NHS, there are plenty of posts already on it to comment on.

Your daily positive news story!

Won Hyung-joon was playing his violin at home and broadcasting on social media to comfort people during the coronavirus outbreak, when staff at the arts and healing centre at South Korea's Myongji hospital asked him if he'd perform for their Covid-19 patients!

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