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This page will be updated each day with news of the coronavirus

As you will have seen, there are plenty of news stories about Coronavirus at the moment. You might come across news that might not be fully true, and the BBC have created a guide to help us all stop fake and inaccurate news from spreading -here's how you can stop bad information from going viral, and a Newsround video explaining it too!

Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand from Operation Ouch have also answered children's questions about managing your time when not at school - watch questions 1-5 here, and questions 6-10 here!

Friday 22nd May:

Newsround have published a story on what we know about schools in the UK going back - read more here.

Italy and Spain have eased some restrictions as infection numbers fall - read more here.

World leaders are planning to raise 7.5 billion euros (around £6.6 billion) to pay towards a vaccine against Covid-19. Read the full story here!

You can see a general round up on all of the latest news here.

Advice if you're worried about the coronavirus:

BBC's Newsround have also produced an excellent video, and page, full of advice for if you're worried about the coronavirus. You can find out more here.

Children in Italy have shared their tips for life at home - watch it here!

We're not publishing posts which are just about the coronavirus because our Issue is about the NHS. However, if you'd like to write about the coronavirus and the NHS, there are plenty of posts already on it to comment on.

Your positive news story!

People around the world are finding different ways to thank our healthcare workers, help one another, and make things feel a bit more normal while many of us are staying inside and socially isolating.

Past stories:

Did you hear about the Liverpool goalie sending his birthday wishes to fan?

Did you hear about the artwork from Banksy on display in a hospital corridor paying tribute to NHS staff during the coronavirus pandemic.

Did you hear about the woman putting smiles on faces and raising morale during lockdown by wearing fancy dress on walks with her daughter?

Did you hear about the famous creating rainbows to raise money and spirits?

Did you hear about the 99-year-old war veteran walked 100 laps of his garden to raise more than £23m for the NHS?

Did you hear about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge video-calling a school?

Did you hear about the street who sang happy birthday to a 100 year old man?

Did you hear about the violinist who broadcast who was asked by a hospital if he'd perform for their Covid-19 patients?

Did you hear about the mystery man who arranged to buy his entire village fish and chips in a bid to bring the community together during the coronavirus lockdown??

Were you one of those taking part in a "Clap for Carers" tribute, saluting NHS and care workers dealing with the coronavirus pandemic?

Did you hear about Boris Johnson thanking the UK public after over 400,000 signed up to be NHS volunteers. Since the announcement, the number has gone up to over 500,000!

Did you hear about the Sofa Singers in the UK, and makeup artists in South Korea, trying to fight back against self-isolation?

Did you hear about the Children at a school in Worcester have been keeping in touch with people in a nearby care home?

Did you see the story about the penguins who were allowed to roam the corridors of their aquarium?

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