Corona Virus And How To Stay Healthy

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We all know about coronavirus (COVID-19) but the question is do you know how to stay healthy and avoid it? Coronavirus is affecting many people around the world.The virus started in China but how it started is undetermined still. When you catch the virus you probably won't feel symptoms for a couple of days or at all but just to be safe you can get tested for it. Some people who have done it have been discovered to have the virus. How do you stay safe during this? If you have recently been travelling it is highly suggested you stay in home isolation for atleast a week, if you still don't feel symptoms just to be safe you must stay for a couple more days. To stay safe it is advisable that you wash your hands for 20 seconds or more. People say wearing a mask can help but that is an unknown fact yet. If you wear a mask most of the time you will feel the need to fiddle around with it and due to that you are touching your face more often, you will probably be more safe without one. Don't wash your hands too much because that could cause to no moisture in your hands and your skin will be very very dry from too much soap and water. If you feel the need to sneeze and or cough it is proven that it's healthier to sneeze in your elbow or in a tissue, if you sneeze or cough in a tissue find the nearest bin and dispose of it. The virus is spreading because of people shaking hands etc.. A way to "shake hands" is to use the sides of your shoes. You simply just do a little side to side footwork with whoever you wanted to shake hands with. There is a hand shake but it involves your elbows, do not use this handshake due to people sneezing and coughing in their elbows and that will more likely spread more than the footwork one. Children are more likely to carry the virus and not feel anything at all and spread it to people around them, the people that are more likely to be affected by the virus are elderly people or others with more issues with their immune system or body. Good examples would be asthma, cancer and breathing problems. If you have any of these i would advise you to stay in home isolation for atleast 2 weeks just to be safe. A way to boost your immune system is to eat healthy foods and swallow small pieces of garlic with some water, it may not taste very nice but it's doing you a favour. Hopefully this list has helped you stay safe from the virus and be more aware of it.

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