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Good evening everyone. My name is brilliant_blackberry and I am a proud member of the BNC party. We believe that we can lead your country in a way that is safe and, of course, fun- providing for your needs and supporting the country’s greatest pride and joy: the NHS. Today I want to raise a few issues that we will promise to change in the future if you vote for us.

The first problem I would like to bring to your attention is long waiting times and the difficulty some people have in getting appointments at the doctor. I know many of you will be able to relate to this: you are unwell and need to see a doctor, only to be informed that you need to wait more than a week for an appointment. Rather than blaming the doctors themselves, we need to look at the bigger picture and I think I have a way to resolve this. What I would like to do is make online appointments available for people who need to speak to a doctor at short notice. These appointments could be very quick, as some people just need a quick solution to a problem, or slightly longer where problems could be discussed by video call. I believe that using online appointments would mean fewer wasted appointment slots, since it is much easier to pop online than to travel to the doctors surgery when you are feeling unwell. Fewer missed appointments would mean fewer wasted slots, which would massively improve the time you need to wait for an appointment.

For the BNC, this is a short-term goal that can be done immediately. We have all the equipment we need available to us already and many doctors surgeries are already using online resources more and more. Now we just need to invest the time in supporting the NHS with training and setting up these online appointments. Another reason this needs to be done quickly is because the numbers of elderly people in this country are rapidly increasing; by 2066 in fact, 26% of UK's population will be aged 65 or older. It is a scientific fact that elderly people, in general, need to see the doctor more often than younger people. Therefore we need to make as many appointments available as possible so that the maximum number of people can be treated. Leaving this until 2066 is too late- it needs to be done now, in advance, so that people can get used to this new way of having appointments. This is something I pledge to make happen.

Secondly, I promise to give the NHS the additional funding it needs to be able to provide effectively healthcare. It takes 8x as much to treat a 90 year old than a 30 year old and, with the increasing numbers of elderly people, this money will not just appear out of nowhere. The NHS is going to need more and more money as time goes on. It is time to ensure they are not in deficit now by supporting them with their financial needs. This is something the BNC party will address straight away if you vote for us. The money is available and we are happy to take from elsewhere if necessary- nothing is more important than the country’s healthcare needs.

The final subject I would like to touch on is that globally, nearly three times as many people are obese than in 1975. In the UK alone, 28% of adults are obese. This is evidently a problem that needs sorting, not just because it puts pressure on our NHS but because it affects the lives of the people that live here. I promise to make gym subscriptions cheaper and to ensure that healthy food is available to all, regardless of their financial situation.

I implore you all to vote for the BNC to help the NHS. I promise that I will make you even prouder to live in this wonderful county.

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