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Hello everyone, we, the Benificial National Community, are here today to support our promises we made to you.

As you know, the NHS has been stuggling with some finincial difficulties. There are three main problems we wil be quickly disscuing. First, is the amount of money going in. To secure some improvements inthe NHS, there funding would need to go up 5% each year, and it costs arounf 8x as much to treat someone who is 90, then who is 30. This means that as the population gets older, the more expensive the NHS taxes will be. Their second problem is to do with the IT. The NHS uses different systems that may not be compatible. This can cause misleading information on patients. Finally, they are having a difficulty with healthcare in the public. The amount of unhealthy foods, and things that are bad for your body have reduced, but there are still many people who use them. Did you know that 28% of adults are obese? This can cause the NHS to use more expensive equipment on more people.

This is what we can promise you if you vote for us.

1) Additional funding to the NHS by increasing income tax by 1% with a focus on cutting the amount faulty machines and waiting times.

2) Ensure that mental and physical health are treated with equal importance and publisise the idea more.

3) Hire a new generation of GP's to provide more appointments each year.

4) End privitisation withing hospitals in the NHS.

5) Build more hospitals around Engalnds for new GP's and doctors to work at.

These are important to the NHS as they all improve the quantity of workers and quality of care. 1 is important because it helps the amount of faulty machines being cut, and if tht problem is fixed, then waiting times will become quicker. £1.00 may not seem like alot, but with over 20 million employed people in England, it makes over 20 million pounds going to the NHS. 2 is also important because it can show people that aswell as taking care of their body, they should take care of their mind and actions too. If more people know about this then the more people will start to notice the importance. 3 is important aswell because it fills in the 10,000 jobs missing in the NHS, and employes more people over the country to work in the hospitals with the biggest roles. 4 is very important because it ends privitisation (having to pay to go to the hospital) and lets more poorer people visit hospitals and get treated. Finnaly, 5 is important because it gives the new roles and GP's to work somewhere, and stops people from travelling a far distance to go the the hospital.

What we will try to do right away is, increase the amount of funding going to the NHS to help with waiting times and faulty machines. These help with patiient satisfaction and the quality of the hospitals. We will try to do these straight away to help with the misleading information and make it right, and hep people who wait a long time to wait less.

We have a picture in out minds of what the NHS will look like in the future. Privitisation will be cut, and more hospitals will be built so more people ca get the heatcare they need. Physical and mental health will both be treated with the same importance and will be publisised to people living in the UK so they are healthy and strong. The NHS will be one of our nations succeses and people will be even more proud of it.

You should vote for us, becase we focus on the quality of your healthcare and the nations. Our policy will work by increasing the taxes to help with faulty machines, then the waiting times ill be cut. Physical helath and mental health will be treated with equal importance to hep you keep safe and strong, and more people will be hired to work at our new hospitals.

We (The Benificial National Communtiy) think that failure to deliver is not an option, but if we happen to do so, then we will pay for the extra charges needed so that they still get accomplished.

Thank you for listening to our speech,


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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    02 Apr 2020

    A convincingly-written and well explained Final Piece. Well done!

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