BNC party fixes all your health problems

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The BNC party values health and wellbeing of all the people in the UK. I am here today to try to convince you all to join my party at the NHS manifesto.

My first promise is that I will try to solve covid-19. I am going to try to solve it by building more hospitals and reduce the price of all antibacterial wipes. I am also going to deploy lots more doctors and reduce the price of training. One more way I will solve it, is by bringing the price down for medical treatment just in case people can’t afford the treatment.

A problem which I will sort straight away is for poor people to actually have a chance to go to hospital, who like I said can’t afford to go to hospital. If they have a life threatening problem they need to go to hospital so they can actually have a life changing surgery or something like that.

In the future I will end private health care in hospitals, so that people all get the same treatment and for free in NHS hospitals.

I promise that I will invest in mental health care, so that people that have problems such as a damaged brain can get it fixed with the right doctors and equipment. 20% of 13-18 year olds have a mental health problem (World mental health day, 2019). This is a lot so we will focus on this as a priority!

I will keep my promises because we are having a tough time and this could make the world a better place. I’ve worked hard at the NHS before, so I know what needs to be done. I am a kind and honest person and if I do not keep my promises then you will get your money back again.

Vote for me at the BNC party - “I will get this sorted !”

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    06 Apr 2020

    A super final-piece, well done! You say you will end private health care - do you think that would be a popular decision? And is it fair to stop people paying for something if they can afford it? What do other people think?

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