BNC NHS Manifesto 2020

Good afternoon,

My name is Humble Grapefruit and I am a member of the BNC party. The BNC party is hugely devoted to the health and wellbeing of our country and today I would like to outline to you our NHS manifesto.

As a party we promise to invest in the health of the general public as we believe that prevention is better than cure. 28% of adults in the UK are obese. Globally nearly three times as people are obese than in 1975. We commit to re-energising the '5 a day' camapign working with the media to get this message filtered across the country. We will spend money on introducing food technology courses into adult learning centres where adults can learn about nutrition, healthly choices and basic cookery skills.

Continuing with the health of our nation, we pledge to invest into local authority fitness and leisure centres ensuring that everyone has access to facilities for them to excercise. We will increase the number of trained staff in these centres so that there are more people on hand to guide, support and help people. I will enure that we look at installing more outside gyms in our local parks and areas. We will create an opportunities for all to have access to being able to excercise.

An urgent problem that needs addressing in our NHS is the IT systems and technology. We are so behind other countries and this is detrimental to our NHS being able to provide a swift and accurate response and service. We pledge to provide the funding to support a full re-build of these systems. Just imgaine if the NHS systems could share patient records quickly and accurately then everyone can focus on gving the best care possible and prescribing the right medication at the click of a button. What we will consider as a party is the long term support that this project will require as we all know that IT moves and changes very quickly these days.

Futhermore, we promise to build relationships with the private healthcare service to seek their support in sharing their knowledge and practises around IT. We feel that we can learn alot from this private industry and we must not be afraid to ask for guidance. I feel that we have to opportunity to move some of the NHS services into the private sector freeing up our nurses and doctors to focus on urgent and life threatening issues.

The members of the BNC care passionately about the health and the healthcare of our country and we belive that if we are voted in and we have the opportunity to put the measures that I have discussed into practise then we will become a happier and healthier nation. We owe it to the NHS to look at ways to support them and decrease the pressure that they are under and allow them to continue to be the heros that they truly are.

Thank you for your time.

Vote BNC!

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    03 Apr 2020

    Thank you for all these suggestions! What kind of relationship between the NHS and private health care do you think will work best?

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