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Beneficial national community healthcare manifesto

I and all the Beneficial National Community will strive to achieve significant additional funding for the NHS, serious modernisation to the vast majority of hospitals, an increase in salary for staff, new hospitals built all over the country and shorter waiting times.

Modernisation will cut waiting times, leading to more effective treatment and more time spent on the patient, and not searching for their medical records. You may be thinking, we should be spending on the patient and not the systems and tech, but by spending money on the systems we WILL be directly spending on the patient, speeding up there life and allowing more patients with severe injuries to treated faster. However, fully modernising all hospitals is not our goal. Trusts that do not see large amounts of patients and do not struggle with waiting times do not need to be modernised, allowing more money to be spent on building new hospitals and to fund the rest of the NHS.

We will ensure that all staff will be given an increase in salary, giving more of an incentive to work for the NHS, and subsequently filling the gap in jobs (or at least part of it). We are commiting ourselves to funding an additional £37 billion for the NHS to achieve all goals listed above, including the building of 45 new hospitals all over the country, especially where they are most needed. We will also attempt to end as much privatisation in the NHS, ensuring free healthcare.

Our short term goals are to decrease waiting times and to increase salary for staff. We would like these changes to come into effect almost immediately. If you vote for us you are securing these goals as fact, and if these changes do not happen, feel free to hold me to account.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    26 Mar 2020

    This sounds like an expensive manifesto! How would you fund it?

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  • Hammond School logo versatile_molecule | Hammond Junior School B
    01 Apr 2020

    I partially agree with your first point about modernisation because when you modernise a hospital you upgrade it's infrastructure this means that modernising costs less than building a hospital from scratch. It costs about 600,000 pounds to build an average sized hospital in the UK, that's without roads and infrastructure. In addition to this if you just build new hospitals without modernising old ones then although a lot of people will get to use the new hospitals, a lot of them will be stuck with the outdated ones. However, I disagree with your point that hospitals that do not get frequently used will not be modernised, while doing this will save a significant amount of money, in my opinion it is necessary that if you are going to modernise hospitals then you should do as much of them as you can to ensure that there are no patients that get worse treatment than others.

    Maybe you could modernise the infrequently used hospitals after the frequently used ones instead of not modernising those hospitals at all, you could just slowly upgrade all the hospitals in the country slowly instead of doing the vast majority of them in one go. I understand that what I just said will contradict some of my next points but I think it is vital that every patient gets the same quality treatment, you can't just leave out some hospitals.

    I disagree with your next point because although giving all NHS workers a pay rise will make working at the NHS more appealing which will therefore reduce the amount of not-filled jobs in the NHS, some people in the NHS earn over 100,000 pounds per year. I think you should just increase the salaries of the NHS workers who really need a pay rise such as porters, cleaners and technicians. There are 1.5 million people who work in the NHS, if you increase the salary of all of them then it will cost a lot of money.

    Now on your next point of funding the NHS and extra 37 billion, I think this is too much. Although the NHS is in major need of money like this, if you give this extra funding to the NHS then you might not have enough money for other important things like education and building roads. The government is spending 27 billion on building roads, that will not be possible if you give that much money to the NHS. You could raise the taxes of people earning above 100,000 pounds to help achieve this goal but sill if you want to give this money to the NHS yearly then you are still going to be needing more money.

    You say that you will build 45 more hospitals all over the country. I don't think this would be possible with what you are currently proposing. As I said it costs about 600,00 pounds in the UK to build a hospital with out roads and infrastructure and if you add this to upgrading the tech of the vast majority of hospitals will also add to the cost, you will also have to pay the staff in your hospital with that pay rise you are proposing, at this point your probably in the billions.

    I agree we should not privatise the NHS because if you do those private companies will need to be payed, this means that some people will not be able to gain access to free healthcare.

    I agree that you work to shorten waiting times as in 2019 all major A&Es failed to hit their four hour waiting time, if this continues then lots of people might die. To do this you will have to get more beds and that currently is stretching it too far with your current spending plans. In addition to this, you will probably have to educate people on how to use A&E correctly as well as this will reduce the amount of people in A&E which will also reduce waiting times. Just to be seen at A&E it costs the NHS 124 pounds, if you educate people about how to use A&E correctly it might actually save money because although educating people about A&E will cost a lot of money, if less people use A&E incorrectly it will save a whole lot more money.

    Apart from increasing the taxes of high earning people, another way to make your manifesto a reality could be to organise marathons and things like that, all the money raised by that could go to the NHS. In addition to this, organising sporting events like this means that that healthy choices are also promoted which in turn means that there might be less strain n the NHS as there might be less patients because they will be encouraged to have fun outdoors which will lower their chances of getting diseases like cancer which will save the NHS money.

    In conclusion, I think your manifesto is a bit over ambitious as you might not be able to secure the funding to do it and spending so much on the NHS means that you might not have the money to invest in other important things such as education.

    Google searches:
    how much does it cost to build an A&E
    how much staff work in the NHS
    how much does in cost to build a hospital

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    1. Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ the BNC
      versatile_molecule's comment 01 Apr 2020

      Wow, this is a really thorough response and you've really dug into the figures with research. You've given reasons for where you agree and disagree and you've shown healthy scepticism in questioning where the money will come from. You've also built on some of genius_flute's ideas. For example, when you suggest only giving pay rises to specific people in the NHS.

      Some people might argue that manifestos should be aspirational and should give the 'ideal situation' rather than the most likely. What do you think about this?

      P.S When giving references, it's best to give the direct sources of your information rather than the google searches.

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      1. Hammond School logo versatile_molecule | Hammond Junior School B
        Tiff @ the BNC's comment 01 Apr 2020

        Thank you for you feedback! I did put in the direct URLs but now they seem to have been converted into google searches!

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