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Hello I am outstanding_turkey and I am here to discuss why you should vote for the BNC. At the BNC, we care for the National Health Service, they give us unlimited care but we need to help them.

The NHS is struggling with lack of funding and updating the systems. They need money more than ever as the NHS is spending increasing amounts of money on medicines each year and the population is growing. We would increase the percentage of taxes given to the NHS and raise it as a priortity, as space travel is not essential. The money that would have been used for space travel will be used for the NHS instead.

The IT systems need updating because records of patients need sharing eg. Someone moves to a new town and goes unconcious and doctors dont know allergins and past history (operations). We talked to receptionists and they said: "When we sign people in, the IT takes forever and we need to get them signed in fast and ready to see a doctor in seconds especially in A&E."

Our promise is that we will focus on education. The NHS always are needing new staff and we will give money for young people to be educated to become doctors, nurses, receptionists and surgeons. Also to back this point up 100,000 jobs are not filled and the NHS is so busy at all times and need more doctors/nurses so they can fit up to 10,000 more appointments in a year. Also, it will help reduce the queue line wait.

We will also make prescriptions (for those who have to get them regularly) free. We have another great idea, for those who cannot get their medicine, we will employ the Royal Mail delivery drivers it get the prescriptions to their home in minutes.

Vote for the BNC!


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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    03 Apr 2020

    Thank you for making so many strong suggestions for improving the NHS. You say that you will focus on education - how will you do this? Will it involve going into schools to get more people interested in joining the NHS as a job?

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  • Hammond School logo outstanding_turkey | Hammond Junior School E
    04 Apr 2020

    I would open more nursing schools and going into school to tell talk to them about the NHS.

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