BNC Healthcare Manifesto

BNC Healthcare manifesto;

My name is Thankful_Juniper I belong to the BNC party. I am here because I want to make it possible that everyone should be able to use the NHS in good time when they need to. I would also like to make some changes to the NHS.

I would quite like it if we could get the obese problem sorted out by talking to people at a young age and maybe make some leaflets showing people what is good for them and what is bad for them. Did you know that 28% of the adults in the UK are obese? Globally, nearly three times as many people are obese than in 1975.

I would also really like to make people healthier and happier by training Dr’s to go into schools to talk to children about eating healthy. We could also ask some of the staff to go round to people and talk to them privately. Even better we could make a program about eating healthy and spread it all around the world.

We could also be able to reduce the amount of illnesses people get by giving them better treatment in the first place. That will mean less people come into the NHS and also there will be less strain on the NHS and strain is a bad thing because to me it makes things twice as hard.

It is also good for the economy if people are healthier and happier because that means they can work harder and make more money.

Also if we can make elderly people eat healthier maybe they might be able to live a little bit longer which would make their family happier and also they might not have to have much treatment.

I promise that I will keep my promise and that you can trust me to look after are NHS. I will also be accountable if I do not keep my promises. I will always keep to my end of the bargain.

Thank-you for listening.

Faithful wishes Thankful_Juniper.

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