The big BNC Easter egg hunt!


Welcome to the big BNC Easter egg hunt!

If there’s one thing the BNC team love, its chocolate eggs. But, if there’s one thing we love EVEN more than chocolate eggs, it’s reading the Hub and seeing what the Burnet News Club has been up to!

Your challenge

Join the BNC Easter Egg Hunt and follow the trail of clues hidden on the Hub! Each clue sends to you a page you might have missed or points you to a different type of activity to get involved with over the rest of the year, for example: asking a question to an expert.

How to play

Scattered around the BNC Hub are some Easter egg clues that look like this:

BNC easter egg hunt.JPG

You need to read each clue and then look for the correct page that it’s pointing to. You’ll know if you are on the right page because the next clue will be hiding in the comments section.

There are six eggs to find in total. See if you can find them all. Here’s your first clue…

Clue number 1

At the end of each Issue, the BNC nominates one club who have contributed fantastically to the discussion and shown the Burnet News Club skills in lots of their post and comments. This club is called the Thought Leader. The page you’re looking for announced the Thought Leader for a topic where there was a conflict, people were speaking-up to show their opinions and there was a historical link with Britain. Can you find the page?

Good luck!

PS. Don't scroll down any further than here for now. A final instruction is here, but you need to go on the hunt first!

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