Beneficial National Community's Manifesto

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The NHS is currently suffering from many problems. Some of which are: they need 5% more funding each year, 28% of adults are obese, every major A&E failed there waiting time target (for the first time), 100,000 jobs are not filled, cost of Health Care is increasing due to people living longer as well as medicine and technology costing more. It is costing 8 times as much to treat a 90-year-old than a 30-year-old when in 2066 it is estimated 26% of UK residents will be 65 or over.


Our short-term goals are to reduce waiting time in major A&E and to have extra funding from the government.

Our long-term goals are to train more doctors and nurses, have an annual health check-up and educate people to eat healthier and be more active.

5 Promises

  • Spend money to fix IT systems so it is faster for doctors and then they can get to the patients quicker, being able to treat more patients. They can pass the waiting time target as well as keeping the NHS up to date, improving quality of care.
  • Educate people to eat healthier as it reduces strain on the NHS which would be helpful for doctors and other patients meaning they could be seen quicker and people will be healthier which is better for the economy.
  • Introduce more taxes on sugary goods which would make people less likely to buy them so not as many people will be obese which leaves the spare money from the extra taxes for other NHS problems.
  • Charge extra taxes on any fast food because it isn’t good for you and encourages everyone to eat healthier.
  • Give free access to Leisure Centres to get everyone active and healthier which would lead to fewer people needing to use the NHS. This would be afforded by extra taxes on the fast food.

Beneficial National Community believes that all that is listed above will help improve the NHS, Britain’s pride and joy.

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