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I am a member of the Beneficial National Community party and am running for the general election. This is my speech about what I would do for the NHS if I were elected.

Hello, my name is Courageous_fern and I am running for the genral election as a member of the Beneficial National Community party (BNC). Throughout these difficult times,we have realised the importance of the NHS to keep our country moving forward. If you vote BNC, we will deliver these 5 promises to the highest standard possible.

1.Get waiting times on target again. This is important because if you wait for too long to see a cancer doctor, it could mean that it had spread and could make it much harder to cure. If somebody needed a hip operation, their life is almost on hold until their local hospital has time.

2. Promote healthy choices. Some illnesses are the result of unhealthy choices like smoking or overeating. For example, 28% of adults in the UK are obese, potentially reducing their life expectancy. Promoting healthy choices could have a large impact of what people do in their daily lives.

3. We will not privatise the NHS. Even though this is a quick solution to not getting enough funding, it means that people who are not able to afford the possibly life saving treatment that they need may not get it.

4. Make NHS staff want to stay. We will deliver this by respecting everyone from a porter to a cleaner, from a nurse to a cook. We will also create reasonable working hours and provide the right equipment to keep staff safe.

5. Integrate social care and medical care. This is important because if somebody with chronic health conditions (going on for a long time) was not cared for properly in their own home, they may have to be moved to hospital, using up valuable resources such as beds that could be used to help someone wih an acute condition like being in a car crash instead. We also have a duty to look after the most vunerable people.

Why should you vote for us?

You should vote for us because if we get elected, we promise to fulfil all of the above to the best we can and you can rely on us to help the NHS in every way possible.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    26 Mar 2020

    I like how you have explained each point clearly. Well done! Do you think this would be supported by the general public?

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    1. Hammond School logo courageous_fern | Hammond Junior School A
      Olivia @ the BNC's comment 30 Mar 2020

      I think this would be supported by the general public because nobody knows how healthy you, your family or your friends are going to be in the future and all of the above to would help you to get better in the shortest amount of time possible for whatever illness you may have.

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