Be grateful!

Well as we know the NHS do soooo much for us and here is why we should be great full for what they have done for us.

The NHS go through some really hard times including times like this when lots of people are getting sick and unwell. They always figure out a way to fix all of our problems even if it includes them giving up a lot of their spare time.

They also have a big shortage of money which again is really and very not good in this situation, but still they decide to do everything they can and never give up. They always put us first and I have proof, well as you may know a lot of the NHS workers probably have children and I could imagine that all they want to do is go home and see their family and children but no unlike us who go home and see all of our familys, the NHS take up their time to help us. I believe that this proves that the NHS are always ready for a mission.

As you may all know is that last night alot of us went outside and clapped at 8:00 for the NHS to thank them for everything ,but Is this ok? I believe that more actions like this should be happening such as maybe every week on a Friday people could go outside clapping. What do you think? Is it a good idea?

They do soooo much for us and I hope that my post has made you realise that. I think that a lot of us don't really think much about the NHS but without them we would be in danger. So I would like all of us to thank them for everything.

Thankyou for reading my post


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  • Hammond School logo adventurous_tennis | Hammond Junior School B
    27 Mar 2020

    Great piece of work, keep up the good work, I agree with you 110%

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      adventurous_tennis's comment 30 Mar 2020

      Hi succinct_leaves, thank you for the question. Your post was a very thoughtful one, and full of good research and reasoning. You're right, your post did fulfil much of the criteria we ask for in a post, however we have to be careful that everything posted on the Hub is suitable for everyone. Euthanasia is a topic which comes up at GCSE and A Level (age 14-18) and is not seen as appropriate for younger students. Your post showed that you understood a lot already about it, but given the complex and sensitive nature of this issue it's not something we could open up for discussion given the age range on the Hub. I hope that's understandable and keep up the brilliant contributions you're making!

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