A nice interview to the NHS

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Good afternoon my name is admirable_cheetah I am a member of the Benficical National community I am here today because my team can help you fix you technology and give you more money for medicine, more beds and most inportant more staff.

First all the NHS we can give you enough money to fix your bad service.We promise because you are the best hositapal in the world!We world like to make sure you are still the top best hositapal in the would.That matter because if you don't have the writht informion for the patien if they are allergic to some sort of food or medicine give them that medicine or that food.And if you have that information you can check if you have accidentply put that allergic to the chemica.That is why we have electricity and computer not like in the olden days they only had paper and not much and not like the now we.

if you have any question please put at the comments

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