The Financial Crisis !!


The banks are struggling to trust people with there money but is it really their money or is it suppost to be for the people.The question is who would you give the money to. You have the goverment (that are making stricter rules). You also have the public people (who may borrowing money when they don’t know if they can pay it back). Then you have the bankers ( that are taking risks with your money). In my opinion,the Financial Crisis would have never happened if the government would have made stricter rules to stop people from wasting the money and not everyone has done this but i think people need to be able to say they can pay the money back! Make sure you look out for my final piece and let me know what your opinion is ??

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  • Bruche-logo-250x250.jpg committed_singer | Bruche Primary School
    22 Jan 2019

    I mean the money can be for the people only if they are gonna pay it back but like the question really is are they gonna give the people money if they can trust them because there is a chance that there not gonna pay the money back

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