Can the banks really be trusted with our money?


Are we losing our money?

Are banks not as helpful as they were before the crisis?

Can the banks really be trusted with our money?

During the financial crisis many people began to question the banks. This is because banks would have found it harder to give people loans for if they wanted to start a business or if they needed help to buy a new house. As well as this some people thought it were the banks who started the financial crisis.

Before the financial crisis, banks were trusted and loved. They could lend you money when you needed it and you could put some of it in the bank as savings for when you need to use it for emergencies.

(The quotes below are fake ones I made myself.)

BEFORE:''Last year I asked my bank to lend me money for my business. And they did just that! Now i'm earning money to pay them back and i'm making a living,'' Sarah, a business owner from Manchester.

AFTER:''I'm in a crisis right now and the banks haven't agreed to help me out. I used to trust them so much but they've just left me!'' Thomas, a father of two from London.

So what do you think?

Would you be like Sarah and trust the bank, or be like Thomas and never trust them again?

Tell me your opinion in the comments section below. Remember to explain why.

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