Wildfires: Why Some Places And Not Others?

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We know that when the subject of wildfires comes into a conversation, Austraila is one of the places we talk about. A wildfire is caused when -like a drought- an area hasn't had enough water and the little sparks form and grow into a huge fire. But, how does that all begin?

One way that a wildfire can start is just by one humans' careless action! Take a cigarette butt for example. It’s hard to imagine a carelessly dropped cigarette starting a massive wildfire, but that is the reality. Humans often get it started, but nature takes a wildfire to whole new level.

When out in the woods, smokers need to take care of what they are doing so that doens't land them in trouble. Cigarettes, cigars and even pipe tobacco all need to be thoroughly ground out in the dirt until you're absolutely certain they're extinguished. A stump or a log is not a suitable alternative to an ashtray, and it goes without saying that leaves and other bushes should be avoided. Also, even though it might seem uncomforting to keep an ashtray in the car, it's far worse to simply toss a cigarette out an open car window because it can have major consequences.

We also know that a wildfire is more likely to start in a place close to the equator. This is said because most extereme weather that is near the middle of the Earth includes drought and wildfires. But, the most common places where a wildfire happens is either Austraila or California. Even though those places are further away from the Equator than others, they are the most commonly refered to in this subject. But why?

As most people know, in the U.S.A, there are a lot of hot states like California. Because of the humidity of these places, forest areas are most likely to consume and spread fires quickly. In places where there aren't as many forests, wildfires are less likely to occur for plantation reasons. But, due to current events, we cannot predict when or where a wildfire can happen and how long it can last for.

So, to conclude, this is why wildfires can happen anywhere because of what we do. Let me know what you think about wildfires and how they can spread, too!

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