Why wait, but participate.

Extreme weather and climate changes is one of the many problems our planet is facing. Now comes this novel corona virus. My question for you, reader is that, why did you wait when you could have participated? Now almost the entire world is under lockdown and no one can do anything. Our trust is in the front line healthcare workers but they are occupied with the virus. When you had the chance, what did you do? Now all we can do is stay home. How is staying at home going to stop climate change? It is our fault. Honestly I didn't do as much to stop it either, but look we can still do something to help. Here is a list of things you can do to stop it:

  • Eat more meat-free meals.
  • Unplug electronic devices when they aren't in use. By doing this you are saving energy.
  • Switch your lightbulbs for LEDs.
  • Forego the plastic trash bag.
  • Try planting your own plants in your backyard.

The above are some of the little things you can do while under lockdown.

Now this is to you reader,(answer this in comments) how can a developing country deal with the effects of climate change while solving some of it's basic problems? My motherland, Ghana, is a developing country. Some children don't get the opportunity to go to school, gorverment officials are corrupt and water bodies are polluted. Now a pandemic and extreme weather. Imagine the president's pressure alongside the front line health workers anxiety. Imagine the effect on the economy. Ghana is just one of the many countries in this situation. Reader, if you are in a country which is also in this situation or you are also in this country you -no we need to work extra, extra hard especially after the pandemic.

I ask you for the last time dearest reader in whichever part of the world you are in, why wait while you can participate?


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