What world leaders need to do about extreme weather?

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Hi world leader, I would like to suggest some ideas to prevent extreme weather.

We all know that extreme weather is a major adverse event resulting from natural processes of the Earth. Hong Kong rarely has extreme weather. In 2018, the typhoon Mangkut smashed into Hong Kong. Buildings tops were being blown away and the football court turned into a pond. It affected the lives of humans and animals. People were injured and birds lost their homes in the accident.

For actions that are reactive, The government should move people away from areas likely to experience extreme weather so that everyone is safe if there is extreme weather. Also the most important work is to remind people to stay in a safe place. Homeless people should sleep under safe conditions with the help of the government. For actions that are preventive,the government should buy enough supplies such as food, blankets, sandbags(if there is a flood) and huge fans(if there is a heat wave).

The earth is warming very quickly in this instant, countless animals were dying and people are ‘murdering’ the earth. People smokes a lot and drive a car instead of walking to a place where it is nearby, which polluted the air .To prevent natural disasters, we can plant more trees, put out fires after barbequing on mountains, stop smoking and reduce the use of plastics. More and more extreme weather will happen in the future days if we still ignore them. Let us put words into action and save the earth together now!


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