WHAT IS WATER? : Life Or Destruction


Water, H2O, is defined by some people as a colourless,odourless,tasteless liquid. Some say water is life but to others, it is destruction.

What is your definition of water?

Water is has many sources, rocks,rivers,lakes, streams and even fruits. Mainly used for drinking, washing, cooking,transportation, industrial purposes , water still has many beneficial uses.

Water is a very good servant but can also be a bad master if allowed to. Most human activities have negatively impacted the earth and as a result caused very bad and extreme weather conditions. Natural disasters such as floods, droughts, heatwaves ,bushfires, hurricanes , tsunami ,typhoons, snowstorms, and harmattan , though bad , occurring more frequently and causing more damage to all countries worldwide .

Ghana, a country in the West of Africa is not exempted from the extreme weather conditions. Located in a tropical zone it has two main seasons namely the dry and wet seasons. The wet or rainy season normally experience lots of rain but recently very high levels of rain have been recorded. This has resulted in high cases of floods in the country. An example is the annual flooding of its Northern regions.

The Bagre dam river flooding of the Northern, Upper East and West regions of Ghana is caused by heavy rainfall ,over flooding of the White Volta River and the release of excess water from the dam by Burkina Faso into Ghana. The flooding caused keeps increasing yearly and so does it's impact on the people and the country. Though measures such as relocation and provision of relief packages have been put in place, the damage keeps happening and gets worse every year because the main cause ,Extreme Weather Conditions, has been neglected.

If extreme weather conditions were considered and effort made to help heal the earth, I believe the Bagre Dam River Flooding will be minimised. The general public must be educated on the causes and possible effects of extreme weather conditions and appropriate measures be put in place.

Why must we wait until all hope is lost before we recognise the state our earth is in?

It must be the sole duty of every person to make this world healthier.

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