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When comparing an extreme healthcare event and an extreme weather event, the first word to put into consideration is "extreme" which implies excessive or beyond normal. An example of an extreme health care event is the infamous corona virus pandemic. In dealing with this healthcare event, the NHS,CDC,WHO and other health care organisations around the world have poured in alot of resources such as funds and labour. Drastic measures such as lockdowns all aroud the world have been taken by various countries and the price to pay is a huge drop in world economy and rapid depletion of funds. The essence of these measures is to completely stop the spread of the virus at all costs.

It is worthy of note that when talking about extreme weather events, climate change and global warming are indispendable. One should also note that the corona virus pandemic is the leading extreme healthcare event in the world today. Using climate change and the corona virus pandemic as case studies, the responses to both of these issues are similar in nature. Some of the similarities that extreme weather events and extreme healthcare events have in respect to responses to them are:

-funding for research on the issues

-public enlightenment on the issues

-making and implementing laws on the issues e.t.c.

Despite the similarities listed above, it is clear that extreme weather events are treated with less seriousness than extreme healthcare events. I think that such a mindset exists because many people havn't seen or experienced the effects of extreme weather. Another reason for the existence of the mindset that extreme weather events are less important than extreme healthcare events is many individuals are yet to understand that extreme weather events have a relationship with extreme health events. Based on research carried out by the Texila American University, due to climate change:

-Water quality and quantity are compromised;contributing to a doublling in the number of people living in water stressed basins by 2050.

-Food security is compromised;in some African countries,yields from rian-fed agriculture may halve by 2020.

-Protection againsts natural disasters;increase in exposure to coastal flooding by a factor of 10,and land area in extreme drought by a factor of 10-30.

With the facts above, it is clear that extreme weather events and extreme healthcare events are interlinked and to solve the issue of extreme healthcare events, one of the main steps is to find a suitable solution to extreme weather events.

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