What if extreme weather occurred in the Covid 19 pandemic?

What if severe weather occurred in the Covid 19 pandemic?

* First: its impact on the practical life of the Health Committee and officials:

There will be a major impediment to their work in Covid 19, and it will reduce support for affected cases, because the weather will be an impediment to the arrival of support.

*Second: How will the procedures be affected?

There is no doubt that the procedures will be affected and will increase in many different aspects, because weather may sometimes be an appropriate means for the growth and increase of the numbers of this virus.

*Third: What do you do in light of this crisis?

All we have to do is to explore measures to prevent harm, such as staying at home and not ignoring anything the health commission says.

But if we look at the good side of this crisis,we will find that extreme weather will limit the meeting of people and reduce their interactions, this is what we want in the crisis of vivid 19.

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