What do we mean by extreme weather ??

Extreme weather is an extreme or early extreme weather phenomenon characterized by sudden weather changes

It can be considered that extreme weather threatens the world with its negative impact on humans and the environment, because it threatens the economy of any country in which it occurs. It has many human effects on people. When these phenomena occur, thousands of people die. One of the greatest examples of this is the tragic events that occurred in 2012 in the world and America in particular. In America, warmth prevailed in most parts of the country throughout the year and this is not usual for the state and these waves The thermostat was able to bring the spring in the month of March and was able to break the intensity of the high temperature in a number of places. This, in turn, led to a debate on the phenomenon of global warming and the degree to which it contributed to the production of types of extreme weather.

As for other events from the world, the largest and most dangerous torrential torrents ever witnessed that occurred in Egypt in 2016, where torrential rain water killed 26 people and injured 72 others as a result of torrential water that flooded the first floors of homes and shoveled cars. As for the human effects of these disasters In 2016, weather-related disasters caused the displacement of 23.5 million people, and most of the displacements were due to the floods and storms that occurred in Asia. As for their economic effects, each time these extreme weather events occur they cause damage to property and lives and constitute these phenomena. Tomcat danger very important, especially small-income countries low because it is possible to spend quickly on a large proportion of local production.

Temperature and rain are the two most important factors in predicting most extreme weather events. High temperature is associated with a greater number of disasters caused by droughts, forest fires, heat waves, tropical cyclones and other types of storms. Increased rain is associated with a smaller number of disasters caused by droughts and forest fires Heat and floods. As for the methods of treating extreme weather, the state must take the necessary measures to treat it. The individual must abide by the state’s instructions and decisions. Also, it is possible for the developed countries to help the developing and poor countries.

Also, I liked in this post to talk about my country. We in Palestine do not experience many of these phenomena. Palestine recorded the highest temperature at 54 degrees Celsius and I am a temperature of -13 degrees Celsius.

I learned a lot from my research and concluded that the tropical countries are the most exposed to this climate, especially the high heat waves because of its location. I learned a lot about the climate of my country, and I thank God for the occurrence of fearful phenomena in my country. This weather and its methods of treatment also concluded from the importance of synergy between countries of the world to treat these different rituals.

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