Weather fluctuations

Have you ever heard a warning about approaching a sandstorm or thunderstorm or other types of severe weather? Severe weather types usually start with light winds and rain and then the weather changes to be replaced by one of the harsh weather. What types of severe weather?Firstly:

Sandstorm: A windstorm in which wind carries quantities of sand in the air and sand carried in the wind forms a cloud above the ground.

Sandstorms occur when winds carry dry sand from areas that are not covered by vegetation, which causes dust and the sand to be carried over great distances


Thunderstorm: It is one of the harsh weather patterns, and it is a storm accompanied by thunder, lightning, severe rain and strong winds, and manifested by manifestations of the power of God Almighty.


Hurricane: a large storm, accompanied by strong winds and heavy rain, and formed over the oceans. When the spiral hurricane moves over the land, the winds and rains destroy the landmarks, so the trees are affected and the floods may occur.



It is a blizzard with snow, low temperatures and strong winds. Snowstorms cover plants, cars and buildings with snow.

Fifth: the repressive hurricane:

It is a strong storm, with the swirling winds that form on the ground.

And finally

How do I stay safe in extreme weather conditions?

Many people may be harmed in severe weather conditions, and therefore the following must be followed to avoid harm:

1_ During a thunderstorm, I do not stand under a tree, do not use phones, computers, or any other electrical equipment, and stay inside strong buildings

2_ During the blizzard, I stay inside the house where it is warm, and if I have to go out, wear heavy clothes ...

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