Weather - bad or good?

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All of us have experienced weather, but I think the main question is, is it good or bad?

In this picture, a beautiful desert is blown by strong winds. We all live somewhere, whether it is warm and sunny, or damp and wet. Some think rain is great: waters crops, gives us lakes, but some people think rain is bad, can't go out, the grass is too wet, some things have to be cancelled, but I welcome both opinions, so, do you think rain is good or bad, do you love the sun, or would rather stay indoors?

I live in a place where, in the winter, it's cold and wet, but we have had some very big heatwaves over the years, and I think rain isn't good or bad, it's OK, because it helps population of marine animals, because it gives them more space to breed.And the sun is glorious to go out, from rollercoasters, all the way to your own back garden, so, tell me, do you like weather, if so then why? I, for one love the rain and sun!


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