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Good morning ladies and gentlemen,today I am going to share my thoughts of extreme weathers. First of all,have you experienced an extreme weather?I do.It was Typhoon Hato.It is a strong tropical cyclone that struck South China in August 2017.It damaged $8 billion.It also cause floods.Areas such as Hong Kong,Macau,Philippines,South China,Taiwan,Vietnam are affected.24 facilities are damaged and 26 deaths are caused.The storm has uprooted trees,led to the cancellations of hundred of flights and forced most businesses to close.Citizens need to repair and clean up many rubbish,twigs and fences on the street.​ As the recent Typhoon Hato rose to a signal 10,many residents of the fishing village Tai O were flooded and required evacuation.The community poured in to help with the clean up,but over 500 residents lost many essential household items

What is extreme weather? Extreme weather includes unexpected,unusual,severe,or unseasonal weather.It is mostly connected to global warming.

How governments should act?

Governments can make a difference by supporting small local producers who, unlike large factory farms, employ sustainable practices, care about land restoration, benefit nearby communities, and make animals and crops more resilient to climate change. It’s less about everybody becoming vegetarians, but more about supporting those who produce our food with a respect for nature.

Also,governments from different countries should connect and combat

extreme weathers.if the country is richer,it should give the poorer country some help ,example give them some money,or some people to help them.

However,I am sure that if they fight extreme weathers together,they may overcome all the barriers.

To prevent some of the extreme weathers ,goverment can do the following facilities:

Flood:build wall or fences at some areas that are near to sea or river Heatwave:build swimming pools

Typhoon:build houses with stronger materials

As citizens,we can do:

No smoking

Plant trees

Ride plubic transportation Be enviromental friendly

We need to take action now for our future generations.If we don’t take action now ,they will be living a dangerous place. Future generations will experience the worsening effects unless action is taken now by governments. However, children and young people are already suffering due to their specific metabolism, physiology and developmental needs. This means, for example, that the forced displacement experienced by communities impacting a whole range of rights – from water, sanitation and food to adequate housing, health, education and development – is likely to be particularly harmful to children.Save the earth now!

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